Jon Jorgenson | – What Are You Afraid Of? – Jon Jorgenson

Everyone is afraid of something but God reminds us why we should be fearless! Jon discusses this topic

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Speaker/Writer: Jon Jorgenson ([support us]">[follow us])
Filming: Danny Hochstatter and DJ Ulbert
Editing: Danny Hochstatter
Music: Danny Hochstatter

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About The Author

JonJorgenson Jon Jorgenson is an author, speaker, and spoken word poet whose YouTube videos have been viewed by more than 15 million people. Jon partners with numerous organizations including Awana International, Moody Bible Institute, the Willow Creek Association, and hundreds of other churches, colleges, and conferences all over the globe. His spoken word poetry provides a dynamic and creative experience that captures the imagination of audiences everywhere. As a former Broadway actor, Chicago native, and very lucky husband, Jon hopes to provide a fresh, unique voice to some of life’s most difficult and challenging questions. JonJorgenson

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  1. I have a question. I experience a lot of coincidences everyday but I can't always tell if it's God or not. Sometimes I will think of a movie and all of a sudden that movie will be on tv or I'll think of a person and then they show up. But what I wanna know is is there a limit to coincidences being from God? Sometimes I try to tell people this but they're like no I don't think that was God I think it really was just a coincidence but I don't believe coincidences even exist

  2. Thank you very much! You are really an inspiration to the youth and to all who are feeling down, depressed, stressed and in fear. You really touched our hearts through your words and wisdom coming from God. May God bless you more! Shalom! ❤

  3. If there is no more fear then what is the need to talk? After fear being overcome remember "do not be like those who preach in synagogues and in the corners, FOR THEY HAVE RECIEVED THEIR REWARD IN FULL" Have you received your reward in full that rush to speak? Wonder if you have received All there is or if you are still to receive more. If you believe you have received All there is then "keep the Word" otherwise go on speak out and be put to shame…

  4. God saying do not be afraid is the same as Him declaring His peace over your life, to simply be still and know that He is God. That He will and does uphold you with His righteous right hand. Jehovah shalom brothers and sisters, love you all.

  5. I'm not afraid of nothing , nothing , those kind of things change people then things aren't fun …then a certain person starts to be compelled too add his opinion for the other person well being and …things aren't so simple anymore differences in values , age , or experience…all of sudden practicality and rationality take forefront and things change…the other person says one day what happened to my …..who are you my daddy, expecting a person who loves u dearly to agree to a destructive downward spiral is like asking that person to no longer have love for you , it's not gonna happen

  6. What am I afraid of? I am afraid of everything I am afraid of tommorow I am afraid of people I am afraid of judgment I am afraid of consequences I am afraid of my family I am afraid of my what I call my "friends" I am afraid of myself I am afraid of my past and future self I am afraid of my past I am afraid of everything

  7. Sir. Ur. Awesome. Vedio based on respect for women. Was really. A ray of hope to women. Now. This is one is also a. Motivational vedio for us the way u speak. I makes and give a strong feeling. And boost us to walk. On next