Jon Jorgenson | – Who You Are: A Message To All Men

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Filming & Editing: Danny Hochstatter and DJ Ulbert
Music: “This Is How He Grows” by Joe Mendick & Kyle Selig
Special Thanks: Dave Hunter, Huntley High School, & Spotlight Youth Theatre

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About The Author

JonJorgenson Jon Jorgenson is an author, speaker, and spoken word poet whose YouTube videos have been viewed by more than 15 million people. Jon partners with numerous organizations including Awana International, Moody Bible Institute, the Willow Creek Association, and hundreds of other churches, colleges, and conferences all over the globe. His spoken word poetry provides a dynamic and creative experience that captures the imagination of audiences everywhere. As a former Broadway actor, Chicago native, and very lucky husband, Jon hopes to provide a fresh, unique voice to some of life’s most difficult and challenging questions. JonJorgenson

Comment (44)

  1. From a gal to the guys watching:
    All of this is true. Never believe a word if anyone tries to tell you you are anything less than what he says in this video.
    And by the way, when he says “you are strong” that doesn’t mean you can’t cry. I find that a lot of times, being honest about how you feel takes more strength and courage than it does to hide it all. (Not to mention it’s insanely attractive..) You are valid, and so are your emotions. Baggage, quirks, shortcomings, smiles, mistakes, triumphs, hobbies and hinderances. It’s all valid. You’re human. Give yourself grace. God loves you.

  2. On the surface level this seems to be very uplifting and encouraging video, empowering people by words to go out there and make a difference what they're gifted with.

    Having said all that, now that you brought God into the equation, what must be said is this.. Jeremiah 17:9:' heart is wicked above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it?' Also. Isaiah 14 wherein Lucifer said, like his 'son' Joel Osteen' said 'I am this, I am that, I will do that'. So much of me, myself and I! Narcissism! Is it really in YOU or ME to have that strength?

    But I tell you all it's Jesus Christ who's the strength and name above every name. When He, through the gospel with trust in His work on the cross for your sins, comes to reside in you, then you will get the true strength. World's boldness is arrogance, world's strength is temporal, its richest vanish, and its love takes. But God Himself, Jesus Christ, is the true love and encouragement for all men out there. If you trust in Him, and NOT in yourself, then you will have the true boldness, love, strength, truth and care. As Philippians says 'I can do all things through Him who strengthens me, Christ Jesus'. And proverbs says 'trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding ; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.'

    So men, we're just sinners, we're by nature enemies of God. We're, from our human fleshly nature, anything but the things the guy listed above. Yes, we have gifts, but those gifts don't take us far without God's strength. If you really wanna know how to become awesome, not in your own eyes, but in the eyes of God, then repent of your sins(read 1 Corinthians 6:9-11) and believe the gospel(john 3:16, 1 Corinthians 15:1-8). If that's what happened, then God by His Holy Spirit has renewed you He's become to reside in you. Now He's your strength

    God bless

  3. You are awesome and time to tell you… god not exist! I'm sorry. Santa Claus? Well, hate to tell you… but you are brave… Santa is just fairy tale. You know how things work in our world, sagittarius in Utah State will get his job interview this week while sagittarius in Indonesia the damn same week will spend his last 3 bucks to eat. You see, my lovely, strong and smart 2+2 is always 4 that doesn't give you extra throw to save your charcter from fire blow. Oh no… don't cry my sweet heart I'll give ya to use my hair conditioner. Is it deal? You silly funny boy no, absolutely no, that magic talisman of yours we bought in Israel is just a horse tooth and not a bone of legioner who killed the Jesus. What have you done oh stupid boy… ofcourse I'm dying from wooden cross between my ri.. rib..sss call ducking 911 I'm done.

  4. some time in life men for get who they are meant to be in gods kingdom they put walls up too, i saw this post, you needed to know your DNA is in Jesus Christ too you are special and are loved too, in world of many labels, God see you, see your heart too