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How do you feel as you step into the last 4 months of 2020?

For many of us, this year hasn’t gone the way we expected or hoped for. Perhaps you started the year full of vision, brimming with excitement about the possibilities that a new decade could bring.

At the start of the year, Pastor Prince released the prophetic word that this year would be The Year of Time and Space. Expounding on the 3 chambers in the Temple of Solomon (1 Kings 6:5–6 KJV), he shared what the Lord had in store for us in the 3 parts of the year—beginning, middle, and end. We are now stepping into the final part of 2020. That’s why we want to encourage you to listen to the Theme of the Year sermons again.

In this video excerpt, Pastor Prince reminds us of God’s promise to us in these last few months of 2020. While the world is overwhelmed by fear, worry, and anxiety about what lies ahead, you can be confident and at peace knowing that your Heavenly Father has opened the uppermost chamber of His provision to you. God set into motion His supply and provision for you long before you were aware of the needs and demands you’re facing right now.

Let’s have a confident expectation that the next 4 months will be our best ones yet!

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  1. This year has been hard and irritating… im not sure what the next year will look like. Honestly I've been having a hard 3 years so In my case… im scared to know what comes next… best of luck to you all. May your end part of the year be full of victory, in the name of Jesus and blessing to you in your upcoming year