Joseph Prince | – Joseph Prince – Why Pray If God Is All-Knowing? – 27 June 2010

If God is all-knowing and all-powerful, why does He still want us to tell Him our problems and remind Him about His promises? Surely God isn’t ignorant or forgetful, is He? Get the answers in this heart-warming message by Joseph Prince. Find out how it is God’s joy and delight when we talk with Him, especially when we call to remembrance His promises and His Son’s finished work. Listen to this message today and take your relationship with God to a whole new level!

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About The Author

Joseph Prince Joseph Prince is a leading voice in proclaiming the gospel of grace around the world through his teaching resources and television ministry. With more than two decades of full-time ministry behind him, Joseph is known for teaching God's Word in a fresh, practical, and revelatory way that always unveils Jesus. He is the senior pastor of New Creation Church In Singapore, which has a congregation of 30,000, and separately heads Joseph Prince Ministries, Inc, a broadcast ministry that seeks to build, encourage and inspire people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Joseph Prince For the latest, most exclusive & best-priced Joseph Prince resources, please visit

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  1. Another great lesson from Joseph Prince. I thank God for teachers like JP who continually bring us new understanding from the scriptures of grace and relationship with Abba Father. I've not heard any other pastor whose messages are so full of scripture, illustration, and example and he is so interesting to listen to, but most of all you see the glory of the Lord shining through him at all times – no question about the source of his success!

  2. I think he delights in hearing it from us because he likes to hear that we understand and we also feel blessed by something he was already planning on doing. As a teacher I like to hear a student tell me how to solve a problem not because I don't know how to do the problem but because it makes the student feel better that they can articulate this truth and I like to hear that they understand. Same idea.

  3. I have a problem.   My husband is very abusal person and told me he believes he is possessed. I don't understand this because he loves God so much so why would he feel this way?   We have a nine year old grandson who has read the Bible through in less than a year and loves God so much and we are both so proud him.  He talked to our preacher (on his own) and got baptized a few weeks ago.  There was not a dry eye in our church.  He asked his papa if he should be a preacher and my husband told him that is between God and himself.  Our preacher told the church he does not often baptize kids of his age but he felt that my grandson knows 80% more than most of the adults in church.  I am so proud of him and if he has to miss church he is so depressed about it!!!

  4. I would like to give you my definition of God, and I challange you to define a better God. God is all powerful. God has full power to match intensions. God is without limitation. God uses it's power with and not power over. God can not be hurt or damaged in any way and therefore would not do damage to another. God is all knowing at all times. God is the creator, one who creates and makes no mistakes or needs any proof of what it says is so. I believe that religion finds it's place by standing between God and us. I believe religions are truly children of a lessor god. I believe in this statement . God says. I will love you forever and I will free you everything. My love for you is unbinding, and because of this you are bound to love me. For freedom to be who you are is your greatest desire and my greatest gift.

  5. What I don't get, is if he is all knowing, knows what we did, what we're doing, what we're going to do, why does he allow "evil" people to live? He gives us "free choice", but how free is it if he knows what we're going to choose before choosing it? If he knows one will go to hell because of their choices in life, why even bother to allow them to be born? Why is he jealous and who is he competing against? The "devil"? if he's so jealous, then why not just completely take him out of existence? If Adam and Eve became tainted by an apple of "knowledge", why not take them out of existence and create a new Adam and Eve? He's all knowing, so he knew that they would eat from the tree, so why even bother putting the tree there? And who made god? If god says that no one made him, does that make him an atheist?

  6. So basically God just wants to be closer with us, and we can become closer by communicating and having a real conversation / a real dialogue through prayer. It makes sense, our Father has given us free will, so it's our decision if we are to come to him for anything or not. Prayer is a conscious decision to speak with God. It's a sacred thing that cannot be denied us and something we should always try to take advantage of. What better way to live than to be directly connected to the source our creator than having a conversation with Him. And God is loving so He will listen and he will respond in His own way(s) I'm certain. People say He doesn't listen or doesn't respond but I do not think that is true; I believe God is always willing to teach