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Feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands?
This excerpt is from: Break Free From The Chains Of Condemnation (09 Aug 2020)

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Break free from the chains that stop God’s provision, peace, and divine results from flowing in your life! In this foundational sermon by Joseph Prince, discover how you can step out of condemnation and live under an open heaven of God’s supply for your every need. Learn powerful keys that will help you:

• Live a long, healthy, youthful life that’s filled with good [support us] /> • Understand how you can be Spirit-led and live without stress or [support us] /> • Remove every wrong belief that has stopped you from experiencing God’s [support us] /> • Walk in the benefits of the new covenant, including peace and wholeness in your mind and relationships.

Child of God, it’s time to break free from condemnation and see God’s abundant blessings rush into your life like never before!

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About The Author

Joseph Prince Joseph Prince is a leading voice in proclaiming the gospel of grace around the world through his teaching resources and television ministry. With more than two decades of full-time ministry behind him, Joseph is known for teaching God's Word in a fresh, practical, and revelatory way that always unveils Jesus. He is the senior pastor of New Creation Church In Singapore, which has a congregation of 30,000, and separately heads Joseph Prince Ministries, Inc, a broadcast ministry that seeks to build, encourage and inspire people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Joseph Prince For the latest, most exclusive & best-priced Joseph Prince resources, please visit

Comment (39)

  1. I once asked the Lord, “What does it mean to live under grace?” and this was His response, “When you are conscious of My constant supply to you, you are living under grace.”

    Sometimes, though, we can’t help but be more conscious of the daily demands placed on us. Perhaps yours look like this: Providing for your family, acing that huge presentation at work, needing healing for a long-term condition, or paying off that loan. These demands are legitimate, but can leave you harassed and stressed if they’re bombarding your thoughts from morning to night.

    Friend, the next time these demands flood your mind, look away from them, see His supply of grace upon grace instead and receive all that you need from Him. — Team JP

  2. Thank you my dear friend and our Guru pastor, for your teaching and your kind explenations its just gaves me abundace of support and covering in holy spirit to feel that I understood the way you teach in deep plesant sence, it always so so much to learn from the way you explain, teach and very humble way thank you, I appreciate your teaching GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, Shalom, I am Miriam ( Mary ) Israel, ( chef) who met you at Breakfast buffet I was on duty that time at Jerusalem David Citadel Hotel

  3. Help… i am stressed with work. Every morning I will wake up with chest pains and I have developed rashes too.. Jesus.. help me to let go and experience joy in my work.. to see your supply and not the demand.. if not, I might not survive the year..

  4. I have a son who is born in September 17 would love you to pray for our family. I have begun to listen to your message and every message seems like God is talking to me in my daily life. Also my family is in India and I want peace in my family as my brother is making problems to my mom and sister.