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This excerpt is from: Activate The Covenant Of Grace When You Pray In The Spirit! (09 Dec 2012)

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Just a groan in the midst of your trial will reach God’s throne and bring in His grace to protect and deliver you! In this most encouraging message, Joseph Prince shows you how you can activate your covenant with God Almighty and experience His saving power when you simply pray in tongues. Discover today how you can experience the same kind of amazing deliverance that God brought to His people in Moses’ day when you ‘groan’ through tongues.

Instead of putting up with the enemy’s oppression, it’s time to activate your covenant-and see the Lord lead you to victory and freedom!

0:00 Just A Groan Will Reach The Throne
1:41 How The Holy Spirit Helps Us
2:42 You Can Pray Perfect Prayers In The Spirit
4:08 Learn How To Speak Love Secrets To God
5:55 When You Pray In Tongues, You Activate God’s Covenant
7:21 When You Have No Prayers Left

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About The Author

Joseph Prince Joseph Prince is a leading voice in proclaiming the gospel of grace around the world through his teaching resources and television ministry. With more than two decades of full-time ministry behind him, Joseph is known for teaching God's Word in a fresh, practical, and revelatory way that always unveils Jesus. He is the senior pastor of New Creation Church In Singapore, which has a congregation of 30,000, and separately heads Joseph Prince Ministries, Inc, a broadcast ministry that seeks to build, encourage and inspire people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Joseph Prince For the latest, most exclusive & best-priced Joseph Prince resources, please visit

Comment (39)

  1. The Holy Spirit is not inside you to point out your faults or nag at you when you do wrong. God’s Word tells us that He is inside us to help us in our weaknesses. In areas where we are without strength, He is there to help us.

    Friend, when you release your prayer in tongues, you are actually allowing the Holy Spirit to pray through you. And He will take hold together with you against the problem, and pray the perfect prayer through you. If you’ve never prayed or spoken in tongues before but would like to, let me lead you in a simple prayer to receive this gift here:

    Find out more about this featured message, Activate The Covenant Of Grace When You Pray In The Spirit! (Dec 9, 2012) in the official Joseph Prince app. Visit to download the app today.

  2. Wow, so on time as my body is in pain and extreme fadigue because of 2 conditions in my uterus :adenomyosis and policistic ovary. I believe that the Holly spirit is helping me in my weakness, I'm taking Holly communion every day and I'm seeing myself healed – through Jesus, through grace I'm healed!

  3. Pastor you got my attention when you said addiction! I’ve been struggling so very bad with addiction for a very long time. It is my thorn. I was prescribed Suboxone for addiction to opiates 9 years ago and it’s been a long road. Now I can’t stop that medication, it’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever tried to do. Prayers to overcome this addiction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless

  4. This is great knowing that this is speaking about speaking in tongues and not groaning as we know it to be, thanks for the Revelation, God continues to bless you with his knowledge and understanding of his word in Jesus Holy name.

  5. Does this mean God forgets us when He “remembers” us? My parents both in ministry recently my dad passed on a great man of God who feared God, gave everything for Gods people and to leave not only a spiritual legacy but my mom and brothers don’t have any debt..

    2weeks after his passing they broke into our home 3times consecutively.. we still are praising God because we’ve seen Him at work.. I’ve been rapped by my cousin brother fell into lust, my whole life felt like it revolved around inside a small box I felt like I couldn’t celebrate anything.. I couldn’t get into university, we were kicked out of our home, and the same patterns with my brothers concerning education.. God knows I’m a worshipper and He knows I’m honest with that but I’m tired now I’m tired of always going through something.. dad loved to listen to Joseph Prince’s sermons he’d be glued and took notes..

    I haven’t healed from any of it and have been praying for inner healing my whole entire life.. I’m now 31, I Love the Lord, I read His word I give Him back His word, I pray I fast I give Him all but somehow I feel He’s forgotten about me and my family I don’t know I feel like giving up
    Somethings wrong with my womb, I constantly am delayed enough is enough

    We need to continue what Dad started but everything seems wrong. I’m tired of praying crying out to God

    I hope one day God reveals Himself because I want change.. why can’t He remember me??
    I need inner healing, deliverance, financial freedom, For my whole family!! Mom breaks down every now and then my brother has started drinking my other brother is doing matric his last year of high school.. it’s been tough with dads passing with corona, the lockdown, now break ins I feel like giving up the church is looking to us to continue we don’t have an action plan yet.. can we please request for prayers thank you

  6. I have no tongues. I've been a believer for many years now hahaha. May be God doesn't give a fk about me. Only pastors have access. This is like spiritual racism. Kill me end the pain now

  7. God bless you and your Ministry. Your sermons are very special & i'am still learning & blessed by you ministry. Although i'am also a theologian, i still learning of your ministry. Many i"am sharing with my dear husband and our dear son in Holland.
    Stayed Blessed with your dear blessed family & with your ministry.

  8. I praise GOD for raising pastor JP as HIS mouthpiece. To GOD be the glory. I understand the WORD so much more. My love for JESUS grows stronger each day. Be blessed and will keep on praying for our fellow brothers and sisters. Amen.