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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so Joyce wanted to share a bit of her story with you and hopefully bring some encouragement to anyone in this season.

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Joyce Meyer Ministries Joyce Meyer Ministries is called to share the Gospel and extend the love of Christ, and is built on a foundation of faith, integrity and dedicated supporters who share this call. Through Joyce’s teachings, God has provided opportunities to meet the needs of the suffering and bring the Gospel in a practical way. Her passion to help hurting people every day is foundational to the vision of Hand of Hope, the missions arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries. These outreaches around the globe include feeding programs, medical care, homes for orphans, and programs combatting human trafficking. Dave and Joyce Meyer, who’ve been in ministry for more than 40 years, founded Joyce Meyer Ministries in 1987 as a Christian, non-profit organization that is financially supported by the contributions of its friends and partners. Joyce Meyer Ministries For more information on Joyce Meyer Ministries visit:

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  1. Amen, God brought me through breast cancer 7 years ago and I went through chemo and radiation for what they called aggressive. I was cured. Today I'm diagnosed with endometrial cancer and found out it's aggressive, had surgery and praise God, it was not in the lymph nodes, but next week I get fitted with a port then will have chemo and a little radiation. I know the cross already won the war. Thank you Joyce Meyer for encouragement.

  2. Mom as you know Joyce had gotten breast cancer left breast had her breast removed on December 23rd 2003 she went 5 yrs with out gettig the cancer back never got cancer of the breast again did get lung cancer in 08 found oout on December 25th 2008 had her surgery Feb 11th 2009 it never came back cancer free lived another 3 more yrs died of not cancer did end up with a tumor on her uterus but did not find out if it was cancer or not she had weak heart and mini strokes too loved Mom so very Much !!

  3. Repent beleive in the Lord Jesus (God with us Emmanuel) his virgin birth of the holy spirit to his mother Mary, his giving up his life on the cross unto death for our sins and that God raised him from the dead defeating death hell and the grave so that through him we would be saved. All have sinned and fall short of Gods glory and without Jesus you will NOT enter heaven. He is the way the truth and the life and no man come to him but by Jesus!!!!

  4. This woman is not telling the truth!!
    She's a "MULTIMILLIONAIRE", and will need to say gullible people any and everthing to keep getting richer. Do you think a loving, merciful, kind god would give this woman millions of dollars to lie to people but allow thousands of children die from cancer every year around the world??