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Dr. Juanita Bynum Dr. Juanita Bynum. As an International Empowerment Lecturer, Recording Artist, Author, Conference Host, and Entrepreneur, Dr. Juanita Bynum sits as President of Juanita Bynum Ministries and CEO of Juanita Bynum Enterprises, with headquarters in New York City. Over the last two decades, Dr. Bynum has become a fixture of inspiration, hope and new life and served as an example to men and women around the world. With accomplishments including being a New York Times Best Selling Author, Platinum Recording Artist, Awarded Actress and Television Host, as well as a record-breaking Conference Host, Dr. Juanita Bynum has turned her humble beginnings into an inspirational and philanthropic empire – educating, equipping, and empowering people from all walks of life.

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  1. Shaming people? You should have sloken to her in private about what is expected of her in this position so she wont have to deal with deelings of embarrassment cause you reprimanded her on the internet. Prophet of god forgot how to be professional? I smell narcissism.

  2. Its good hear plants basics foods is the keys to keep you healthy and reverse healthy problems or slow them down. But you can't stop and closer you eats raws its better. But if not it less frying foods. Peoples just get start it and listen to your gut .Also I love Juanita Bynum approach. She the best from a great thinker. Dr Kim Williams on plants basics foods. .love black peoples

  3. I am changing my eating habits a little. It not exactly what i am eating. It the word the lord is telling me. He been telling me a lot these days. My plate is full on things to do. And the lord is opening door for me. And i am thankful.