Julian Lowe | – Devon Franklin (04.10.19)

Join us, with our guest speaker Devon Franklin, as he dives into relationships and our value apart from them.

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  1. Wow! Yah is good. I did a video about this a year or two ago. This was big for me because I lusted after woman and finances for years. Good message. and it was a long process for me and the process will never stop, Amen.

  2. Thanks for being yourself, thanks for dieing to self. Thanks for telling yourself you are enough, thanks DeVon for allowing yourself to be use, because it so easy to stay stuck in life. Blessings to all that watch this video. But people i will tell u to use this video as a tool, stop wating and find your path, so u can die empty when your time is up. Seek God and worship him , & love the u God created before u can fall in love with the special someone.Devon I'm happy u are so true to God keep moving and keep making these videos. Much love : Sincerely, Mahogany Wilson- Taggart.