Julian Lowe | – I Need It Back | Dr. Dharius Daniels (07.21.19)

Join us as pastor Dharius Daniels teaches us on how courage is the ultimate expression of faith.

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  1. My brother was just killed in a drive by shooting July 12, 2019 at the age of 33 . I’m starting a Movement called LIVE . Where we are inspiring young people to pursue their dreams , & live their lives to the fullest because we never know which moment will be our last. The graveyard is filled with soooo much unfulfilled potential. In the hood the hope is depleting but at my brother’s funeral I promise you God was in the mix . About a year ago I was told that change cannot be made in Riviera. Especially by a person who live here . So I started to be the change I wanted to see in the world , and started to live my truth and pursuing my dreams so I could help my community do the same. When I tell you Jesus can do anything ! I was told by the mayor and the former mayor that they are backing my Movement 100% . Also over 30 young souls gave their life to Christ and it was mostly black young males . This movement is just starting here but it needs to be shared worldwide . The world needs us Young people, and too may of us are going down the wrong paths . But the change starts with you #LIVETheMovement #FaithYear