Julian Lowe | – It's Complicated – Rich Wilkerson Jr. (06.21.2015)

Are you a man worth submitting to? Are you a woman worth dying for?

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  1. Maybe the gospels were wrong and Jesus was a super rich mega preacher who took everyone's money before he spoke. Or maybe Rich Wilkerson is the one who got it completely backwards. Both can't be true though.

  2. Hilarious! It's sad when a old guy tries soooo very hard to look "young" and "cool"! P.s. Bieber stopped wearing his hair like that a long time ago. Time to change it up! I wonder if Jesus cared about his hair, clothes, and money like this guy?

  3. ehhh, he's trying to look and sound hip and young, but the message is the same old shit…
    "a wife must submit" "christianity should redefine what sexy looks like"….
    i bet he doesn't like the gays.
    and why does he feel the need to talk about how much he has sex with his wife?

  4. This is sad ! Word of God saids come out from among them and be ye separate , the church has lost the moving of the Holy spirit , and this is the result , God help us ! Brother you are saying and declaring exactly what your doing , seek God before you preach

  5. See I'm glad he started with that verse because as a feminist that word submit just makes me try to challenge gods word ,I am yet to watch this but I'm sure God will help convict me and help me understand X I love it's a bible verse that brings controversies but yet it will be addressed with the Holy Spirit xx