Julian Lowe | – Michael Franzese (06.11.2017)

Former mob boss, Michael Franzese, shares why you shouldn’t let anyone tell you God’s grace isn’t enough for you, whatever past you may have.

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  1. ok this is how the police work. If they can't get you from your real crimes, they'll make up fake ones to get you. Happened to many big shot criminals. Oh you're so sneaky ey? We'll get you with tax fraud. That's how they do it.
    They know you're guilty but can't get to you. They'll make their own way.
    Can't outsmart the police now. They're the real mafia now. But at least they enforce the law ey?

  2. I’m a Christian and not into new age stuff by any means, but Michael’s aura is gold. It’s not something I’ve obtained just something I’ve always been able to see whether it’s real or an optical illusion I don’t know, all I know is Michael’s aura is really gold. Amazing message mike, it inspires me and I pray the Holy Spirit will continue to guide you and keep you and your family safe.

  3. Approximately one third of them will spend an average of 25 years in prison.
    Approximately one third of them will be killed by rivals or even their own organization. If someone in that makes an on the job mistake, there is no such thing as a bad evaluation report.
    All of them have dysfunctional families.
    All of them live under stress every single day. (Press Read more)
    All of them are hated, for good reason.