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  1. Brother Ronald Robey of Bold Proclaimer Ministries has posted to below challenge and I would like to extend this to Oasis Church leadership. Further, I have offered $50,000 to the first person who can prove, using only scripture in context, that Christians are commanded to tithe. Another gentlemen has also offered $50,000. That should be an easy $100,000 for a tithe preaching minister!

    The below is from Ron Robey…
    I challenge any church leadership to step up to bat and provide the Scripture that says we are to tithe our monetary income to the church we attend.I have been studying the Scriptures for many, many years now and have yet to find that verse. Not even the Apostles taught a monetary tithe requirement doctrine in any of the epistles."In their greed they will make up clever lies to get hold of your money. But God condemned them long ago, and their destruction will not be delayed."

  2. you know theres not ONE verse in the entire bible stating tithing is money on monetary wages and in the NT not one verse stating to tithe money especially…but we are to give based on our ability as we have decided to and after we meet our families needs first as stated in timothy….tithing is the golden calf of the 20th century where circumcision was to those in pauls day….we have favor with god based on believing what the benefits of the cross did for us, not on anything else which would make the cross and blood insufficient. we should give but cheerfully of a heart of gratitude not by manipulation, coercion, guilt, pressure or condemnation as preacher teach…

  3. dang..i forgot…how can one rob god when if in the OT you DID NOT tithe unless your were a farmer or herdsman…all others were NOT required and could not tithe anyway…so you cant rob God of something you were not required to do…the robber is the preacher teaching such trash..

  4. wanna do good financially, don't spend more than you make, be frugal, don't keep up with the joneses, there is no multiple multiplication in the bible for money, the bible NEVER promises anywhere that believers are guaranteed wealth, health and prosperity as taught. it does say we are promised heaven and suffering, trials, tribulations and rejection if we follow christ. morris has to many of his thoughts and what he thinks happened when the bible say we should not add or subtract. we are promised jesus wont leave or forsake us and keep us. morris has to many opinions. tithing and blessings really come as god sees fit and not based on what we do or what we tithe to obtain favor for. gods sovereignty is degraded when preachers say if we tithe god must bless us cause we gave.  wrong.  morris has to many fantasies about his idea of what it was like back then..speculation.

  5. Jesus noted that tithing was a matter of the law while chastising the Pharisees in Matt 23:23. Romans and Galatians make it clear the those in Christ are under a new covenant and are not under the law.  Pastors may claim those not tithing are cursed, but scripture stares that Jesus redeemed us from the curse of the law (Gal 3:13). And 2 Cor 9:7 notes that we can give as purposed in our hearts and not of necessity. 

    By Gary Arnold
    Preacher: You tithe on the first ten percent of your income.
    Gods Word: You tithe on crops, and every tenth animal that passes under the rod. NOT the first, but the tenth. See Leviticus 27:30-33. Preachers are mixing firstfruits with the tithe and they are NOT the same. In Nehemiah 10:37-38 we learn that the firstfruits were taken to the temple for the priests, and the tithe was taken to the Levites to go into their cities.
    Preacher: The Levites worked full-time at The Temple.
    Gods Word: The Levities and priests were divided into 24 courses and they rotated working at The Temple one week out of every 24 weeks. Therefore, the priests and Levites actually worked at The Temple about two weeks a year. The rest of the time they had regular jobs. See First Chronicles 24 for the priests and chapters 25 and 26 for the Levites.
    Preacher: You tithe the BEST to God.
    Gods Word: You tithe every tenth animal whether that animal be good OR BAD. See Leviticus 27:30-33.
    Preacher: The firstfruits of your income belong to God.
    Gods Word: In the Old Testament, every time a firstfruits offering is mentioned it is referring to the first of the crop, assets that came from Gods hand, not mans labor. Firstfruits offerings has nothing to do with income.
    Preacher: The tithe was taken to The Temple.
    Gods Word: The tithe was taken to the Levites to go into their cities. See Nehemiah 10:37-38.
    Preacher: Malachi 3:10 Take all the tithes to the storehouse.
    Gods Word: The Levites received the tithe, and they were required to take a tenth of the tithe to the priests. ONLY that tithe went to the storehouse, NOT the tithe from the people. Again, see Nehemiah 10:37-38.
    Preacher: You are robbing God if you dont bring your tithe to the church. Malachi 3:8-10.
    Gods Word: The priests were robbing God, not the people. The priests robbed God of the tithe by stealing the Levites portion (Nehemiah 13). The priests robbed God of the offerings by giving the worst and keeping the best (Malachi 1).
    God defined His tithe in Leviticus 27:30-33 as HOLY. How can anyone change Gods definition and then call a tenth of their income a HOLY tithe!

  6. Galations 3: 10-14 tells us that Jesus fulfilled the laws so we are no longer under the old laws of sacrifices and giving because of our sins, and if we continue following these old laws that then we are under a curse yet and that then every single old sacrifice and giving law ( there are many old laws, such as actually giving money for age and gender every year, redeeming your property, a payment for your sins, cut and bleed animals and wipe the blood on alters, etc.) must be obeyed then, and that if we follow the old laws of sacrifices and giving then we remain under the old curses for our sins , so basically these tithing preaching ministers are placing the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus of no value of fulfilling the laws of sacrifices and giving for our sins and are keeping people under the curses in my opinion ! The Bible tells us that only edible things were to be given for Tithing ! No where in the Bible does it say to give money for Tithing, however, there is a place in the Bible that actually instructed people that had money instead of things, to use the money to buy edible things and then bring the edible things for Tithing which are acceptable to God, not bring money ! There is also a place in the Bible that states because it was found that the law was not profitable for man the law was disannulled ! We now are instructed in the Bible to give Free Will offerings ! I hear people say they are giving their churches God's Tithes yet today in the form of 10 % of their money, that contradicts what the Bible has written in it. If you give your church 10% of your money you are actually giving a tax tithe, the 10% monetary tax tithe, that was practiced by pagan religions long before even Abraham, so you are giving a tax tithe in money and not God's Tithe of edible things as written in the Bible.