Julian Lowe | – To Hell With Cancer – Jordan Rubin (09.14.2014)

Author of “The Maker’s Diet” Jordan Rubin shares his testimony of how God healed him of cancer and the 5 keys we can use to unlock conquering faith in all challenges.

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  1. I cannot help but wonder if your first doctor was a lier, he said he knew you right?  He didn't like you right? Maybe he lied and you never had it in the first place.  I am not doubting in the power of God, I am just saying this is a possibility.  If he can not prove that you truly did have cancer, maybe you would have a law suit on your hands. Who knows… Sorry if I am thinking to far out of the box here :/

  2. So I'll explain why I've given up on the world.

    Kim Kardashian KNOWS I'm Jesus Christ yet won't respond to my requests for financial aid when I'm homeless and that's totally evil of her.

    But if I asked Kourtney for money and she turned me down that's OK for her because she's in The CIA and they'd ream her ass for helping out a subversive radical.

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    If I ask Scott Disick for money and he says no it's also totally OK as he's a Douchelord and Douchelords can't really be going around being charity services.

    If I ask Kanye for money and he says no it's totally OK as he's black and he has to hoard his money to fight the evil racist system and can't just be helping random homeless white guys when he's got his own problems. And the same goes for Jay-Z and Rihanna and Beyonce and Nicki Minaj in that it's OK for them to turn me down as they are all black and even for Tyga too so they could all turn me down and it is ethical.

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    So what is the lesson?

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    And THIS is why I am the ONLY sinless person on Earth: because I always make my OWN DECISIONS and never rely on anyone else to think for me and the reason why I am humanity's only hope and everyone is a sinner who would doom mankind if we relied on them is THEY DON'T THINK ON THEIR OWN AND THAT IS THEIR FATAL FLAW.

  3. I'm surprised he didn't mention Cannabis oil, oxygen therapy, and an alkaline diet. There are many ways to overcome cancer if you seek out information online. Faith in God as the healer is a powerful medicine, may be all you would need. Going with alternative methods, you need to stay on a strict alkaline diet a combine many anti-cancer items (like organic green smoothies – cannabis, holy basil <tulsi> ) to overcome. peace

  4. It is entirely possible that this individual may be lying or distorting the truth about his “triumph over incurable diseases” story. Jordan Rubin is the author of several books, including the Maker’s Diet, which was a New York Times best seller. However, throughout his books, interviews, and magazine articles, there are many discrepancies in Jordan Rubin’s story of curing Crohn’s disease.
    The first discrepancy between his books, interviews, and magazine articles is the date of his 2nd hospitalization. In a 1997 article written in Townsend magazine titled "soil-Based Organisms Support Immune Systemy", Jordan states his 2nd hospitalization occurred in the late fall of 1995. However, in the book titled Restoring Your Digestive health (by Jordan Rubin), he states his 1st hospitalization occurred during the Oklahoma city bombing (~April 1995) and his 2nd hospitalization occurred about a year later during the OJ Simpson Bronco chase (~June 1994). The timeline in Restoring Your Digestive health doesn’t make much sense: how could his second hospitalization be a year later, which should be 1996, but was during the OJ Simpson Bronco chase, which was about year BEFORE his 1st hospitalization? In the book, Patient Heal Thyslef, Jordan claims his 2nd hospitalization occurred shortly after he returned from experimental treatment in Germany. When he returns home from Germany he remember listening to the Annette Funicello story on TV. This aired for the first time on October 22, 1995. So it seems his 2nd hospitalization must have occurred around the fall of 1995 as stated in the townsend article and the book Patient Heal Thyself. This would mean that his 2nd hospitalization would have occurred a couple of months after his 1st hospitalization, not a year a later as described in Restoring your Digestive Health.
    A second discrepancy is what actually cured Jordan Rubin from Crohn’s disease. In the 1997 townsend article from above, Jordan states that when he leaves his 2nd hospitalization after 2 weeks (late fall of 1995), He learns about Nature Biotics (a brand of probiotics based on soil bacteria). He orders the encapsulated soil priobiotics and adds it to his diet of whole foods (meat and dairy). According to Jordan, this combination cures him. However, in his books The Maker’s Diet and Patient Heal Thyself, Jordan doesn’t mention Nature Biotics. He states that after his 2nd hospitalization he goes to California to meet with a nutritionist to learn more about the Bible diet. Jordan stops taking all supplements for 10 months. After the 10 months, his dad sends him a bag of “black powder”. This powder turns out to soil probiotics. Jordan uses this with his diet and is cured over several months. So, are the encapsulated Nature Biotics and bag of “black powder” the same thing? (side note: the nutritionist’s name is William “Bud” Keith.He was involved in a case where a boy was beaten and forced to eat his own vomit by his parents under the advice of the William “Bud” Keith . Bud keith died in 2009 I believe).
    Jordan Rubin’s supplement company The Garden of Life was fine around $225,000 in 2004 by the FTC for putting claims that supplements were effective against all kinds of diseases. It is illegal to mislabel supplements that are not regulated by the FDA.
    Jordan Rubin has a “PhD” and “doctorate” from non accredited universities

  5. the diet is as long as Jesus fasted. 1"Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. 2After fasting forty days and forty nights, He was hungry.

    3The tempter came to Him and said, “If You are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.”

    4But Jesus answered, “It is written:

    ‘Man shall not live on bread alone,
    but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.?

  6. Praise God for Jordan and his love for our Heavenly Father and his desire to share it!!!!
    He has been such a blessing to so many people sharing faith and hope to our hurting world!!!! I have just been told 20 days ago that I have cancer in both of my breast and I'm claiming the same healing!

  7. Dear First Last, I do not know Jordan personally so i can't vouch for his story. However, even detectives will tell you that people process the recall of events differently each time they recount their testimony. So what if he got a few details off. He may be a quack, but the spirit of your comments is, you are out to prove him to be a quack. You don't ring true. My guess is you are out to prove all natural approaches fraudulent. Do they work all of the time? NO, but they work more consistently than modern medicine. If anyone is a quack, it is the modern medical establishment. Especially the cancer industry. The facts, many of which come from the medical industry itself, will back this statement up. That I do know first hand.

  8. The success of Rubin Jordan's faith brought tears to my eyes. I've seen him years ago on TBN. The Lord brought me in touch with his books and ministry today as I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Overweight and RA and Chronic Fatique Syndrom. Thank you God for bringing me to this ministry and diet.

  9. Purpose must exist in every facet of our life for us to feel complete. We don't truly have healing and happiness unless we can praise God even in our misery. Even in death Jesus died with purpose, the greatest purpose of all. Do we find ourselves in misery for someone else, or is it just a selfish misery that we are living in? Surely that is the kind of misery that is unbearable. Get up and praise God!! …. and let us Praise God for Jordan Rubin, a godly man and a true inspiration.

  10. 7:10 u2

    8:55 after healed from crohns colitis, he went on a tour to promote his work
    then felt pain in his groin

    11:00 doc said you have cancer

    15:00 he prayed and put itin gods hands…doc said you have very aggressive form of cancer
    16:00 doctors really like to take the know it all approach into scaring people into treatments
    its really quite a vulgar method they employ either consciously or subconsciously

    17:50 they come from a place that they know better than you and any potential treatments outside their known realm is met with sarcasm
    very disgusting behavior

    17:10 put the trip off to see the best doc, for improving his nutrition
    17:25 measured cancer with blood marker 220, 0 is normal

    18:20 3 weeks later his blood marker got higher to 280
    18:30 he did not go back to those 2 doctors who came from a place of sarcasm toward his beliefs, why let someone who is not in line with your ideologies to treat your life?

    19:00 what is cancer? it is a deduction from doctors, they see certain signs and so they decide you have a label known as "cancer"
    there isnt some hard fact that 100% determines you have cancer

    19:45) spent next 40 days doing another natural treatment
    if still no good then he will do a normal cancer treatment

    20:50) got his friend to do cancer tests for him, not the other docs who spoke and thought badly of him from the getgo

    22:10) 12-14hr a day, health nutrtion, detoxification, emotional and physical
    22:35) He believes cancer is a spiritual disease rather than a physical one
    3 Blood test every 2 weeks(that measures cancer marker in 3 diff ways), along with CAT scan at the end of the 40 days
    working directly with lab director to monitor the program

    23:30) First week 12-14 hrs in joy. no work, no phone calls or emails, just healing physically and mental
    23:50) Got phone call for the test and it was down to 30 he worked with lab director directly

    Make sure to heal but also watch who gives you the tests, work with those who hold no bias against you, and best is to work with the source of the tests

    24:30) 2nd phone call 2 more weeks later, he got phone call that it dropped to 0 in all 3 tests
    25:38) 3rd phone call in 2 more weeks

    26:10) Becareful of what modern medicine throws at you
    like even if blood results are good can still have tumors, etc

    everyone has their own opinions and everyone has their own agendas so becareful of that
    for every good result, theres a 1000 symptoms that you "could" of x and y problem

    27:20) Cat scan results
    will reveal tumors or lesions
    29:00) Everything was normal

    31:25) Kidney cancer patient
    threw away his modern medicine for natural healing following jordan protocol
    33:30)His 5 steps to fight cancer
    1. Drop to your knees and head to the ground, leave your problems in Gods hands IOW a way to leave your mental stress of the situation far away from you as it does no good for you to heal in any way
    Mentality is huge) If you say someting over and over then it will happen both good and bad

    3. Take action (He went on protocol, and gotblood test lab that was on his side mentally in beliefes

    36:00) 5. once youre past it help those behind you

  11. Jordan is so inspiring – I have just sent this to a dear friend who is recovering from Covid 19 – he is a nurse and has suffered 2 other illnesses. I hope God blesses him through hearing this. Thank you Jordan Rubin you are, indeed a blessing.