Kathryn Kuhlman | – Kathryn Kuhlman: The Art of Prayer – Part 1

In her heart to heart talk, Kathryn Kuhlman shares about the art of prayer from the bible and her own experience. Enjoy!

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Tony Francis In a nutshell: Writer, comedian, multimedia engineer & prophetic minister. My name is Tony Francis from Lebanon – Middle East. I am grounded in the scriptures and have a license degree in biblical studies from MTI, school of ministry and a certificate in EPL (effective personal leadership) from LMI and I am part of ALC church. I love theology, but without experience, it always sounded lifeless to me. When I started experiencing the prophetic years ago, I was forever changed. The prophetic made Jesus so real to me and in the world around me. I had authored many books and am the founder of Healed Nations Ministries. On 27 September 2020 I've become the director of the prophetic department of the webchurch of apostle Patricia King. Visit my online store and use promocode: DISCOUNT25 for a 25% on all my items. God bless you! Store address: https://teespring.com/stores/tonyfrancis

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  1. I give glory for mama Kathyrn Kuhlman. Prayer goes to the throne of God while we call him and he is faithful to answer us. Thank you for mama Kathyrn God bless her soul.indeed she has left very powerful teachings for the church today and beyond. I am blessed amen

  2. For effective prayer according to mama kirkman teaches
    1. Learn how to pray
    2.listen to the holy spirit
    3. Obey what you hear.
    Prayer is mutual self giving to God. It's two way. From self Lord GIVE ME in turn what are you willing to give so that God will answer you.

  3. I pray whoever reads this,if you lead someone to Jesus and they are filled with the holy spirit and can speak in tongues please tell them that they dont have to be in church to use that gift outside of church. I was only 14 at the time and had trouble n school and a turbulent homefront, had I known I couldve used that gift at any time,the temptations I had growing up wouldn't have tempted me,cause I ultimately walked away because of the troubles instead of pressing into God,I gave up on God,and believe he gave me over to a reprobate mind along time ago


    (Please open the Holy Bible and read the undermentioned Biblical verses 'real time' to understand this write up better).

    Watch out for false prophets
    (Matt 7:15)

    False prophets keep men's rules
    (Matt 23:13)

    Jesus pointed out a prophecy by Isaiah
    (Matt 15:7-9)

    False prophets don't keep the Sabbath
    (Eze 22:23-25)

    God likens them with roaring lions
    (1 Pet 5:8)

    Eze confirms it
    (Eze 22:26-27)

    He likens them with wolves
    (Eze 22:2)

    So does Lord Jesus Christ
    (Matt 7:15)

    Beautiful mosoleum with corpses inside.
    (Eze 22:28)


    (Matt 23:27-28)

    God's punishment for these
    (Eze 22:31)

    God will pour out his wrath on these false prophets and also on all their followers.

    Choice is ours.

    Amen !

  5. So many Christians pray "Give me, give me Lord." Prayer is not a luxury. It's a life." So many Christians don't enter into the mind of Christ and seek selfish worldy things. Is it a Christian thing you are asking for? Or is it money, fame, or something to appease the flesh? Yes, Kathryn was really old-school Bible teaching, and, she was right.