Kathryn Kuhlman | – Patricia King shares her full testimony for the first time!

From rape to rage to confusion to new age and spirituality, God met Patricia King and loved on her and in one moment set her free to embrace a journey full of light, glory, future and expected ends. Watch this video, Jesus will change you too!

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About The Author

Tony Francis In a nutshell: Writer, comedian, multimedia engineer & prophetic minister. My name is Tony Francis from Lebanon – Middle East. I am grounded in the scriptures and have a license degree in biblical studies from MTI, school of ministry and a certificate in EPL (effective personal leadership) from LMI and I am part of ALC church. I love theology, but without experience, it always sounded lifeless to me. When I started experiencing the prophetic years ago, I was forever changed. The prophetic made Jesus so real to me and in the world around me. I had authored many books and am the founder of Healed Nations Ministries. On 27 September 2020 I've become the director of the prophetic department of the webchurch of apostle Patricia King. Visit my online store and use promocode: DISCOUNT25 for a 25% on all my items. God bless you! Store address: https://teespring.com/stores/tonyfrancis

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  1. Beloved Patricia King. I Am SO HAPPY For You Dearest Patricia!! I So Pray That Your Beloved Family Is ALL ON BOARD With You Dearest Patricia. Thank You Beloved Patricia!! Such An Honest, Transparent Testimony!! BLESSED You Beloved Patricia, And I So Pray Your Family Be!! Such A Wonderful, And Powerful Testimony!! Also ALL Your Help To Bring Others To The Kingdom Of
    Heaven!! Thank You Dearest Patricia King!! Amen!! Hallelujah!!

  2. I’d like to learn more from you of how God healed you from the rapes. So often we focus on how wretched we are and how perfect Jesus is and that is all amazing. I don’t often hear how a person has been healed from evil assaults of the enemy like rape.
    If you see this… ❤️

  3. God all so has givinen me a gift of desearment way of thought shows me what people are thinking . All so I'm a interseser l get burdens from the lord pray off things off them. Jesus all so gave me a dream that people are dieing in there sin he said go tell them

  4. Jesus showed me he had no jugment or anger in his mind or heart for there sin just complet love . He was broken hurt because they did not now how he was
    They need him to be delivered and healed . He wonts to help but he can't if they don't wont him in there lives .

  5. My testimony is quite similar – not too much different . A victim of rejection,searching for acceptance,wild living,the occult,drugs;but THE GOOD SHEPHERD's grace ,can reach down to the depths of depravity .He finds us,cleans us up with His Blood,and sustains us by His ministry as THE GOOD SHEPHERD. Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ forevermore.

  6. Praise God my channel is all about my testimony I met Jesus Christ face-to-face 16 years ago when I attempted suicide and he now teaches me and he tells me what to say when he will give me dreams visions and I just straight-out hear him sometimes just hear him out loud like the other day I was outside taking a picture it was the first day that my sunflower Bloom so I took a picture and this is the message God laid on my heart immediately listen to it. https://youtu.be/FJTT06J8uV4

  7. There were many lied about me and wrote pink paper slips to put me in a place of mental health locked up for a longer time with captives that had no voice……yes I made the best of the situation I was in……talking to all in precious people changed atmosphere for all especially ones spoken as my personal Family's with love calling new names to each saying I love you now you do it back to me pointing to eyes,heart, and pointing to you….breakthrough came they knew I really care and loved each one Praise God they were released for love life more out of captivity!!!!Jesus

  8. Two weeks I was not able to let anyone except my daughters Also went through two weeks with one shower given no more was done for a shower Evan though I would ask……never this place again no more canceled ward exist no more!!!!!destroyed by the hand of God ,Yahweh enjoy free freedom Forevermore!!!!

  9. Also before I was ready to be discharged I Spoken Word said " I am not angry with the workers and fine no fault in them told them forgiveness is given changed by Thy Words of Jesus Hallelujah all counted no one forgotten or missed….God forgave love prevailed restoration of healing taken places everywhere Hallelujah Jesus Christ!!!! Yes Mercy always given a good God Yeshua