Kirk Cameron | – Unstoppable: It's Real

Kirk Cameron talks about the origins of his new one-night movie event, Unstoppable—in theaters only on Sept. 24. “What should have destroyed my faith actually made it stronger.” Learn more at [support us]

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Unstoppable Movie Unstoppable Movie. Kirk Cameron returns to movie theaters on September 24 for one-night-only with a personal and inspiring journey of faith and hope. UNSTOPPABLE creatively asks and answers the age-old question: Where is God in the midst of tragedy and suffering?

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  1. I believe that is the problem now. Far too many just want to be entertained than to be touched by the lives of others, and want to immediately judge and shoot down anyone who has the courage to be real, rather than popular. And, of course, we tend to accuse others of what we ourselves are guilty of. I would most certainly check myself before I called anyone a hypocrite. I believe we all have our issues. I respect Kirk more because he is not trying to promote some personal agenda. I so agree!

  2. I was healed from an incurable disease, thanks to my faith. The doctors gave up and wanted to let me die. My kidneys and heart was shutting down and my body went into sepsis.

    Thank God I am diabetes free and healthy as an ox. I just rode my first double century bike ride.