Kirk Cameron | – Unstoppable: Official Movie Trailer

Kirk Cameron returns to movie theaters September 24 (with an encore showing October 3) with the follow-up to his record-breaking, one-night theatrical event, Monumental. Get tickets NOW! [support us]!unstoppable

In UNSTOPPABLE, a brand-new documentary, Kirk takes you on a personal and inspiring journey to better understand the biggest doubt-raiser in faith: Where is God in the midst of tragedy and suffering?

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Unstoppable Movie Unstoppable Movie. Kirk Cameron returns to movie theaters on September 24 for one-night-only with a personal and inspiring journey of faith and hope. UNSTOPPABLE creatively asks and answers the age-old question: Where is God in the midst of tragedy and suffering?

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  1. N0, God has given us the choice of accepting or denying His Son's sacrifice on the cross. Living righteously is hopefully a natural consequence of being born again but it is NOT the choice. To claim that how we live is the distinction is to fall into legalism and push out the true message of Grace which is always sufficient.

  2. # ChirisSterling even Jesus' own disciples questioned his actions… why would we be any less curious or concerned with why things happen? Ours is to question but also to trust in his ways not our own. As a Christian there are many times my faith has been shaken and BC I would not let go God has seen me through the rough times. I know where this question comes from & know why there is a need for this movie.

  3. kirk has faith in… blah blah blah……come see my religious movie, I'll go watch Thor, it's a way better story line and has way better acting and actors.
    I won't tell you not to have faith Kirk, nor will I have faith in the bogyman or  the Flying pasta monster.

  4. Watch me tell you, you're life sucks without Jesus. Meaningless, empty, without the blood of Christ. But HE can give you salvation. Maybe he doesn't know the other religions promising the same thing.