Lex Meyer | – the Cornerstone by Greg Stuart

Sermon by Greg Stuart at the Grafted Church

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About The Author

The Grafted Church The Grafted Church. We are a community of believers who follow Yeshua (Jesus) and love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. We are passionate about the Word of God, and we do our best to live according to God's instructions.

Comment (4)

  1. the Word is the corner stone -Moses – John Baptist!
    pointing to the Son! revealing the Son -Word & Spirit came to flesh!
    born of woman! made Head by the Word & Spirit fitted together! CHRIST -Head cap!
    fulness of the Word & Spirit in the flesh man -2nd Adam -Seed of righteousness!
    Christ -perfect in Fathers IMAGE! showing nature & will of the Father!
    made the Head of Body! the leader – straight & narrow Door! -we enter that Door by faith!
    once in that kingdom as wild children are to learn the WAY of the land of Living!
    & learn to walk in! imaging CHRIST nature in our flesh! being lead by Spirit -Sons!
    that same spirit in Christ dwells in us! makes us Sons imaging that same nature!
    Word of God is our foundation -we build Him up in us!
    Standing on Word & under Him as King! ruler of the earth – brining forth Christ nature!
    we are to reproduce that same spirit by TRUTH! Word & spirit! in our flesh! purified