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Ray Comfort talks with a woman who is apart of the LGBTQ community, and says she isn’t too happy with what the Bible has to say about homosexuality. She eventually asks for the interview to end. Ray pleaded that she would allow him to just share the gospel and she repeatedly declined – until he brought up one powerful analogy.

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  1. I gave away the Book Of John that looks like a bundle of million dollar bills yesterday. I felt drawn to a fruit stall; though I didn't want any fruit; and he brought up religion; a young man raised in the Mormon faith who was now an agnostic; I just wanted to go home; it had been a long day at work LOL I remember John Barnett; DTBM telling of a time on a plane that he just wanted to sit and read and a man next to him kept asking about his faith.. So I submitted to the call and asked The Lord to guide me. I spent over 20 minute presenting the Gospel. I am again so grateful for the tool the Living Waters equips us with. He paid attention, answered the law questions honestly, As I offered the book of John I asked him to read it as a child; without preconceived notions; it'll take you maybe an hour, hour and a half. Then I gave him the Counting The Days prophecy book; because the days are short.. His name is Colt, please lift his name and ask The Lord to call him into His kingdom, he is a lovely young man.

  2. What a beautiful soul this pretty young girl has. I truly believe that deep down, everyone is aware of if what they are doing is right or wrong but we sometimes (with the help of the world) try hard to justify what we know is wrong. The Greek Bible uses the term metanoia which translates to the English word repentance. It means to have a change of mind. I hope this lovely girl finds truth and peace.

  3. " The more I watch these, the more I learn a good and proper way to witness to others. I'm in sales, and ohhhh how I love a good presentation:) This " Soul Pitch" is ( I love you, Jesus:) awesome!! I'm not a Calvinist. but I frigging love this guy…..

  4. She is a beautiful girl and I can tell she has a gentle soul. Lord Jesus I lift her up to you and pray that you opened her eyes using your child Ray. I pray she gives her life over to you and that we meet her in the new Earth. In Jesus mighty name I pray Amen. Thank you brother Ray for your love and gift to bring others to Christ.

  5. Gee whizz, I would just love this Bible but I cannot afford it at $51.68 plus its only in hard cover. Amazon wouldnt even let me peak inside…whats gives there? All other books give a short preview.

  6. A MUST READ…… FORGET THE Icing…… Ask yourself…..Why would God make you attracted to the same sex??? A.K.A. “God made me this way gay , then God says it’s a sin in the Bible and it’s against His LAW.! You see that’s like being born heterosexual and wanting to sleep with every girl you see, “ EVERYONE of them” and saying “Well God made me this way, a swinger” and It’s Gods fault I’m like this” and now I have to sleep with every girl that comes down my path! Nice try………
    As a heterosexual Christian. I have rules too in the Bible to follow as well. It’s not easy for us either, but rules are RULES… none the less. So when I talk to someone for the 1st. time who is in a gay lifestyle. As a Christian I really don’t care about their gay lifestyle!! Really, that’s Right !!!
    I ask them, “Do you keep ? The Ten Commandments!
    “Have you lied?” “Have you stolen something that wasn’t yours?” “Have you taken GODS name in vain (by saying G-Damn it ) that’s blasphemy. Exodus 20:12.” “Have you honored your Dad and Mom……Yes..? No..?
    So with that in mind…. look at it this way…. That’s like being dragged into court for the- crimes of ( Rape, Murder, and Drug pedaling ) and as you’re standing there before a judge of the law, in that courtroom, for these very very Bad crimes and the bailiff says to the judge, “Your Honor, look here this man also has some outstanding parking tickets… Sir you need to throw the book at him today, he’s a BAD man!” See because if a person is living in a homosexual lifestyle that’s just icing on the cake of SIN…. There Lying, stealing, and blasphemy, not respecting there Mom and Dad…. (And that’s only four of ) Ten Commandments broken, that alone will get them right into HELL.!
    So on the day of judgment, they are Really In Big Trouble and really need Jesus more than you’re telling them! So forget the Icing and Go after the cake of SIN First… like the judge in court did!! And not for the parking tickets…….. Deal with the icing later! So something to think about when talking to others and evangelizing to people about there homosexuality and about Jesus in there life.
    Thank you my friend for hearing me out and may God bless you as you share with others the word of Jesus, as He has asked us too (Mark 16:15)……. Let it not be said I was silent when needed. Go to the streets and tell others about…

  7. "I don't think God is someone to fear"! Proverbs comes to mind, also, we all shall stand before the Lord, some to everlasting life and some to everlasting contempt. You don't fear now but you shall fear.

  8. Ray, I’ve watched many of your videos & am always encouraged & have used your examples to engage with others about Yahweh. Some of those you interview seemed genuinely thoughtful, can you do some follow up videos?

  9. Awwwwwhhhhh, my heart bleeds for her! I pray that she turns to Jesus and pleads for mercy so that those difficult things in the bible ( against the homosexual lifestyle ) gets to no longer be a stumbling block as He changes her into a new creation.