Living Waters | – What Made Him Want to Get Right With God Immediately?

Ray Comfort talks with two people, a new Christian and a non-Christian. The Christian believes that the reason people need Jesus is so that they can be whole and go to Heaven, while the non-Christian is humble and very attentive to the gospel. But what made him want to repent and trust in Christ at the end of his interview? Was it happiness? Was it the promise of fulfillment in life? Or was it something else entirely?

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  1. Ray have you ever had anyone ask you which version of the Bible you're using and then state how that your translation is "wrong" and not want to listen because they think you're using an error-filled Bible? I get this a lot, please help; thanks.

  2. yes he is humble in spirit but he is telling the truth on something. he tells people they can never sin again ever. it's not that they can't sin, they want not to sin. 2 John say any man who says they are with out sin he is a liar and God is not with him. it also says that if you do sin God is faithful to forgive us. there will never be a time where it is possible for you to never sin again. you are in a unredeemed fleshly body. it will screw you up . you fall but you get up and ask for forgiveness and you continue walking with Jesus. tell someone you can never sin again and when they keep getting tripped up, they will get frustrated and think they are not going to heaven. the change is not that you stop sinning all together, the change is you don't want to sin, you don't live for it like before. you I is on Jesus. all things are permissible but not all things are beneficial. think on what that means. you know before the fall, being naked was not in Adams knowledge, so was he sinning when he was in the garden naked? or is it the knowledge the sin part. even after you are saved, you sin. the trick is not to focus on that but focus on Jesus.

  3. Today I was downloading one religious song and as I click on song to download one advertisement came and it was regarding sexual site and I got tempted to go through that site and I said in my mind why God I was going for good cause but why I am getting this type of temptation, please pray for me.

  4. I don't care how many times I've seen Ray and he is always the same you can tell genuine sincerity in his voice and his actions that he really does care for the people he talks with. Thank you Mr Ray comfort you are an encouragement

  5. Word of warning about salvation army. That place is now accepting money from the government in exchange for hanging up the Gospel of Jesus Christ and becoming an equal opportunity employer. They do not prefer Christians for employment and I got fired from there for sharing Jesus with a coworker. She complained and said she wasn't a Christian and didn't want to hear it. I got told we didn't hire you to preach but to be a night watchman for the shelter, they said preaching i a done a few blocks over at the church not at the shelter. and I said well I only wanted to work here to minister in Jesus' name. So they fired me. The Olympia Washington downtown location a few years back. Be ware of that place! Jesus is Lord!

  6. "I tell you everyone who confesses Me before men, the Son of Man will also confess him before the angels of God. But whoever denies Me before men will be denied before the angels of God" Luke 12: 8-9

  7. Thanks for equipping that Sally Army guy with the right tools for his evangelistic pursuits. Also, I heard this very true story of a little girl who almost died from an electric fence but was healed through the power of Christ. God bless you.

  8. Authur I believe God brought you and Ray together for this time of witness and glorious prayer and confession and conversion into a child of his kingdom of forgiveness and light. May Jesus make himself so real to you as he has to me and grant you the peace only he can give. God Bless you my Brother

  9. Ray you have so many amazing videos, so man amazing ways to approach souls to gently, lovingly, yet truthfully keep people honest and contemplating the truth.

    Thank you for what you do.

    I loved seeing Arthur on the verge of tears become slowly a believer on the spot.

  10. Just amazing that, the unbeliever now believer was a wonderful guy, so glad he met up with you must have been the Lords will.
    And of course no less the other guy who really was a saved guy he was great!

  11. Atheism just makes no sense…atheism is the belief that there is no creator/creators, it makes no logical sense. Why? Because everything can’t be created by nothing, that’s just unscientific, they say the world began with a Big Bang, but what created that if there was nothing, nothingness is nothingness and can’t create matter or atoms, because it is not something, it is nothing.
    Just as a building is proof of a builder and a painting is proof of a painter, the universe is proof of a creator.
    And macro evolution, Darwin’s theory for how humans came about, literally cannot be proven, there is no proof to show that one kind can change into another, a bird stays a bird and a monkey stays a monkey, only micro evolution——aka adaptation is proven, but every creature stays the same creature they were before…Darwin’s theory is deemed as fact, without any proof of a change of kind, it makes no sense.