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Pastor Ben Stuart // Because the world of information can be tapped into at any moment, it has invaded every [support us] /> —
What do we run to when we’re in pain? What do we do when we’re uncomfortable? The truth is, many of us tend to look for ways to distract ourselves from what’s really going on within us, usually through [support us] /> —
This week Pastor Ben Stuart challenges us to turn away from diversions and toward intimacy with Jesus. What if we sat with our Creator in moments of discomfort rather than numbing our pain with distraction? If we stopped to listen, we might find that God is trying to speak to us.

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  1. The New Year came and I woke up this New Year’s Day to a broken phone. I had just moved, recently, to a new state and I was a little worried. At least I had already known how to get to my new job without GPS, and I knew where the grocery store was 🙂 I called my friends from work, asking them to order me a new phone – I was on their family plan. They overnighted it, but somehow the phone was held up. I didn’t have a phone for 5 days, oh and I did not have internet. I didn’t realize how much I depended on that phone. For 5 days my morning devotions were longer, my nights of sleep were longer, I lingered in public places – I was that weird person looking and watching everyone. I went for walks, my conversations with people lasted longer than “Hi, how are you?” Once I got the new phone it was very eye opening for me. Although my phone has very practical uses, I do spend too much time on it. I decided I was going to find an organization to volunteer at on weekends, and that I would invite new friends over at least once a month to fellowship and get to know each other. Even though technology provides essential references and loads of information it was holding me back from my passion. Now, with God’s help, I research something about my passion everyday, and I watch a message or listen to scripture everyday. I was not doing any of this before. I had people over and all I heard the next day, was Thank you! One friend came up to me and said, “we needed this”. I start volunteering this week, and I’m so excited. What shocks me the most is God’s patience and thoughtfulness in teaching me that I don’t need technology to feel like I’m a part of something. Thank you for this message! God Bless!!