Louie Giglio | – Change The Way You Think: A Conversation with Louie Giglio, Craig Groeschel, and Jennie Allen

Join global leaders Louie Giglio, Craig Groeschel, and Jennie Allen as they discuss practical ways toward healthier thinking, taking authority over who you allow to speak into your life, and ultimately winning the battle of your mind!

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  1. Question does it come in audio? Amen to that, I ask all the time is God real, does he exist ? Does he listen to my desperate prayers ? Something has to change !firefighting & saving lives here in Atlanta Georgia took a toll on my spine, resulting in multiple spine surgeries, causing chronic pain! This has totally wrecked my life my career my hobbies & dating! Please pray for me!

  2. This has been such a powerful conversation for me. I really needed to hear it! Sad I missed the bundle offer, but I’m excited that there are so many resources for me out there. Appreciate all of your honesty and wisdom. Thank you, Jesus for sending this my way!!!

  3. I'm so sad I missed the special of the three books for $25. I believe as you said, I came across this video God led, and I have SO many questions. I am twice a widow and the depression is situational yet practical as well. Being along at this stage etc… I just don't know how to get out of this place….yet God is so wonderful and helpful I feel guilty for even expressing let alone feeling this way. Please run that special again.

  4. Thank you for this. I’ve read Jennie’s book twice. It’s wonderful. I’m praying more will read it. I look forward to read Louie’s book and Craig’s as I have many of the books by all of you. Thank you for the honesty. Knowing God is our Healer in all areas of life is so encouraging!

  5. It is always good to shine a light from the Lord and the Word on these issues and needs. I have to say that Joyce Meyer wrote a truly excellent book years (1995) ago before so many others were really even talking aloud about these needs. Her book, "Battlefield of the Mind" was some ground-breaking reading for me back then and it remains an excellent help.