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As the church, it can feel like we have to have it all together all of the time, to avoid talking about where we are, where we’ve been, or what we’ve walked through. Our prayer is that this message is just the starting place for us to let go of those expectations, to be a church where we open up and ask Jesus to use our stories in order to shine His light into the [support us] /> –
“I will not die, but I will live, and declare what the Lord has done.”
Psalm 118:17

If you are struggling with thoughts of taking your own life, please make the choice to stay and call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline @ 1-800-273-8255

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At Passion City Church we believe that because God has displayed the ultimate sacrifice in Jesus, our response to that in worship must be extravagant. It is our privilege, and our created purpose, to reflect God’s Glory back to Him through our praise, our sacrifice, and our song.

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  1. What it just frustrates me is hearing "a Christian shouldn't be depressed". To me, it is just like saying "a Christian shouldn't be sick". How can we be so blind to our brothers and sister's pain. They just assume you don't have enough faith, you are not doing enough, you are not praying enough. Would I have my arms longer just because I am praying? You need a miracle for that to happen and enter into a huge battle for your life. And I have and I did. And yes, Jesus is greater!! He healed me. It took me years of surrendering, counselling, meds, God's revelation, a lot of crying, love and sensitivity from my church. Church is critical in this! Depression is not sth we conquered by ourselves. I am still dealing with anxiety and ADD. Oh anxiety, another thing you just have because "your lack of faith" or "because you are not a mature Christian". But I trust God is still working in me, and He knows.

  2. I still remember when I had a panic attack. It was terrible, and one of my kitchen's knives came to my mind and I could see my self hurting my arm with it. And I voice came to my mind saying, "How on Earth on you going to raise your daughter like this; you can't even take care of yourself; you should better aks your daughter's father to take care of her". And I cried. Then the word of God came to my mind, "I have plans for you… Plans to prosper you…" And other words I don't remember. They gave me a so strong sense of purpose, being loved and sustained. The Word of God has power!k

  3. Amen. Depression and suicide is NOT bigger than Jesus. JESUS is the NAME above all names. Whether its sickness or death… Jesus Name is The Name. Thank you Pastor Louie for this awesome, anointed and powerful message. What a man of God to share your personal experience to the people that needed it the most. Blessings

  4. Thank you so much for your sincere word from your heart. I came to Jesus in 1984 when I was temped to finish my life at the age of 16. I asked God to do something in my life if He truly existed. I'm still here because He is more alive than me and He changed my life for His glory.

  5. Love you Pastor, but all healing does not come from God.

    New Age has lots of healing, but it is false healing. It is a devised plan to keep people from turning to Jesus. Crystals and rocks don't heal, but the blood of Jesus does. Psychics don't bring healing either.

    The enemy is real, there is spiritual warfare going on all around us, we need to use wisdom in where God says healing comes from.

    Healing can be a process. But with His help He can lead us to help and godly wholeness.

    You are loved, God created you for specific plans. He adores you and He never leaves you. Cry out to Him, He will come and help you. He will lead you to help on earth.

    Praying for the Light to overcome the darkness. May the blood of Jesus bring you power into overcoming the darkness. May the Holy Spirit counsel you and encourage you. May His love touch your hurting heart and transform your mind.

    But ultimately we need to follow His parameters and keep ourselves within His boundaries of Scripture.

    Jesus we need You!

  6. Ive had crippling anxiety, to the point where I was later told that the idea of having me committed was tossed around. I’m standing on the other side of that, and I can only thank God and acknowledge his hand on me the entire time. I know what despair feels like and what it feels like to not be control of my mind. THERE IS HOPE. Satan is a liar and the lies he tells us are just that, LIES. Through Jesus we have been given authority to trample over the enemy…but its HARD and it takes time to gather the strength and faith to get my battle gear. My heart is with every single person reading this who has experienced this deep despair. You aren’t alone, you haven’t been forgotten, and there is a God who is desperately in love with you and is holding you through it all.

  7. I've had schizophrenia for over 20 years. I remember when I told the Pastor's wife of an old Church I used to go to and her first reaction was to say, "well we'll have to get you off all that medication". That was what she wanted and that ultimately led to me being placed in hospital again. Now I go to a different Church. I have a relationship with Jesus and I love Him. That is enough for me.

  8. Thank you. The video gave me back my faith. I didn't know how I could connect my situation with God. But you helped with your sentence: "I'm not okay. But Jesus is okay. He is still in His right mind and still loves me like on the day He died on the cross. And if anyone understands pain, He does." I also never realised, He was also tempted to do suicide after 40 days of fasting. But Hebrews says that, you're right. Great church. I had one like that, but then Corona took it away… So I miss going to church definitely. Sometimes I even forget what it was like. But your words reminded me. About how no one feels condemmed at your place, and all kind of people with all kinds of struggles get together. Keep up the good work. And thank you again for not hiding your personla story. Because some one who never went through a depression can't preach convincingly on it for me.

  9. I have come to understand that sometimes God brings us to the end of ourselves, the end of our self-sufficiency, and the end of our own resources, to bring us to him. He disciplines everyone who comes to him. It is not always a bad thing. Sometimes God is the one bringing it, the entryway of stripping us of ourself, bringing lowliness and brokenness, and bringing us to a new closeness with him.

    I've been praying for God to bring me closer for several weeks now, and honestly things have gotten progressively worse. I was at the point of 'despairing of life' this past weekend. I went for a drive and seriously started thinking about the end of things. I haven't cried in a long time, but I'm hurting now. Paul experienced it. And David wrote about it often in the psalms. Jesus was a man of sorrows.

    But thankfully God does provide breakthrough. It's cliche, but if he brings us to it, he will bring us through it, unscathed and better off than when we started. I have experienced it several times now. And he has delivered me of this last point of lowliness. But it isn't fun when going through it. I would say that if we are not experiencing trial and difficulty, that we might not be getting any closer to God. But on the other hand, if we are not also experiencing some kind of breakthough and times of joy, then we also need to check whether we are pursuing God and ready to abandon ourselves. He may leave us in a place of pain until we are ready to surrender and give up.

    Don't be afraid to ask him to break you or bring you to whereever you need to be. And to be Lord of your life. He will always answer that prayer. God bless.

  10. I cried through so much of this and had to stop the video many times. 
    thank you. Jesus is real. We can make it. I never thought about how leaning on Him is glorifying Him, and had not given much thought to how praising in a dark place is beautiful.

  11. This really hit home in more ways imaginable, lost my husband through suicide, I've also tried many times. It didn't work so I felt like a failure……. you put a new perspective on it. I feel like a fragile conqueror in Christ