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Where does your joy come from? What is at the core of your resistance when facing storms? This week Pastor Louie Giglio takes us on a deeper journey into where the joy comes from that sustains us through each and every [support us] /> —
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Passion City Church We are a Jesus church. A small tribe of His followers connected by our common faith and a deep desire to see our city [and the world] come to know His power and beauty. We call Atlanta and Washington D.C. home, but consider the world our neighborhood. We are not perfect. But Jesus is. Thankfully, we are a Jesus church. Passion City Church Passion City Church — for God. for people. for the city. for the world. For more information about us and our gatherings, visit: http://www.passioncitychurch.com/

Comment (14)

  1. Reminded that our reason to rejoice is God Himself. Rejoice 'in the Lord'. Rejoice in Him alone. May He be our only source of and reason for joy. A bit like if I boast in anything I will boast in the death of Jesus Christ. Beautiful.

  2. Do we have a culture of joy?
    A place where we maintain a suitable condition for growth.

    Happiness verses joy – example of happiness being like helium in a balloon verses joy being like a root in the ground.

    Rejoice in the Lord always!

    What is the secret?
    I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.

    This is not just positive thinking. This is rooted in right thinking, no matter what the circumstances.
    It is not that you need to get more strength; JESUS is enough strength for you.

    There is a cycle of generosity.

    What is not neccesary to maintain a suitable condition for growth?

    What is neccesary?
    1. We must be captivated by the person of JESUS is.
    Jesus is joy! He is the root!
    2. A culture of joy that is still stunning! Is Gospel blood still flowing through my veins?
    3. It is all in for the mission. The mission must override the condition. We must care more about people being in heaven rather than in hell.
    4. A culture of joy is confident in every season!
    You don't have to have all the details, just believe! This will guard your heart and mind.
    5. It is also a culture of praise! Shout to the Lord all you people!
    Grace rooted in Jesus can not help but to praise and worship Him!

  3. 1 Timothy , in the last days some people will depart from the faith and pay attention to demonic spirits. Folks this guy is 100% new age! He doesn’t quote scripture verses. He uses Christian sounding words though! That’s a red flag!!!! It all about peace, love, security, etc. This is what the antichrist ( false christ ) will offer to the unsaved world!!! Read Revelation Chapter 13. We are in the last days. The saints ( Christians ) will be persecuted. It’s coming!!!