Louie Giglio | – YOU // What Are You Waiting For – Louie Giglio

The whole world was waiting for a savior, but did you know that Jesus is waiting for you?

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Comment (12)

  1. This so resonates with me. I needed to hear this message. I am in a waiting period I believe. I am believing God for my own home near where I work. God is in the process of closing out one chapter in my life and has opened the door to a new chapter. So I am just waiting for God to do what only He can do as I do what only I can do. I want his will not my own.

  2. Your spirit has spoken to my spirit.
    Louie, have you ever been scared to receive what you have been praying for? That he will heal the internal and external world through yourself with proof? I am the proof and wish to remain humble but am beyond greatful. Holy, holy holy. Lord God almighty. Thank you for your message.

  3. I am still waiting ….my son is waiting for a job for the last one year …we have been praying so much for the last one year , that we don't know how to pray now …we are overwhelmed…but to know that the Lord Jesus is already waiting for us in that office or company…He will open a way for us …He will answer our prayer…for sure …praise God ..