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Emma Owen is a busy wife and mother at her home in Manchester, England. Although her life may look typical on the outside, a closer look reveals that life with Emma is anything but ordinary. And so begins the story of Emma Owen. Saved as a 12 year old girl at Luis Palau’s Mission to London, Emma grew up to become a member of the World Wide Message Tribe and continues, through her passion for dancing and music, to reach young people with the message of Jesus Christ.

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Luis Palau Association The Palau Association exists to proclaim the Good News, unite the Church, and impact cities worldwide. Luis Palau Association

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  1. I always believed in Jesus, God and angels all my life but I didn't know Jesus personally. A man called Tony Holland gave me a book called " The cross and the switchblade" by David Wilkerson. This got me interested in knowing more about God. I later got saved at The true word Christian bookshop in Farnworth. It isn't there any more. Now go to a local church and I am in the choir I am also a dj on Salford city radio 94.4fm and love it.

  2. 15. This Message says that the Louis Segond, Tob, Martin, Crampon, Thompson, Scofield, Ostervald, Colombe, Semeur, King James, New World Translation bibles and affiliates, including all reviewed and revised versions are fetish pots; and that the so-called Christian bookstores are the image of bookstores of occult, esoteric, mystic and divinatory sciences. And that the radios and TVs of Protestant and evangelical churches such as LMTV and BENIE TV are drains of all kinds of defilement and impurities before God.