Luis Palau | – Luis Palau Association – 50 Years of World Ministry

A celebration video – find out all God has done around the world in the last fifty years through Luis Palau and his evangelistic ministry.

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Luis Palau Association The Palau Association exists to proclaim the Good News, unite the Church, and impact cities worldwide. Luis Palau Association

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  1. Extracted from Kacou 88: A new Gospel

    26 And when a pastor rises and says that: Joel 2:28 says this… then let’s pray for this or such or such a person did this in the Bible then let’s pray to have his spirit or pray to have the double portion of the Spirit like Elisha, then know that it is the devil. When he tells youlet’s pray to receive the glory of the second temple, let’s pray for the latter rain, let’s pray for this or that, let’s pray to be like such or such a person, let’s pray to have such an awakening! Let’s make an Esther fasting, Jehoshaphat fasting, Daniel fasting… let’s do this or that, it’s because he doesn't know what to tell you. God doesn’t lead him! At the end, it’s is hell.[Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"]. And you, pastors and prophets who do that, fear God. If you are real servants of God, you will lead the whole earth toward Noah, the living prophet of your time. Leave those things. What you need for your Salvation, as well as the Salvation for those who follow you is the Gospel of Jesus Christ for your generation [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen"].