Mac Hammond | – Want to Lead? Follow! – Willie Robertson – Keynote Speaker at Leadership Conference 2016

Special guest Willie Robertson, CEO of Duck Commander and star of the hit TV show, Duck Dynasty.

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  1. Willie is a great leader because he knows how to follow. The greatest achievement of a Christian leader is leading people to Christ, teaching about the Amazing Grace and salvation and eternal life offered by Jesus and to do that a Christian leader must be a dedicated faithful follower of Jesus.

  2. Wow… This is the best comment section in youtube!

    I've known of Duck Dynasty for ever. Never watched an episode.
    Passed them off as just a usual garbage hollywood fake reality show.

    I was so wrong. I recently saw a short documentary on Willies dad and his story and it was such a good true uplifting story…

    These guys are 100% fulfilling Gods will. Amazing! They arent perfect, no one is ofcourse, but their love for God is perfect.
    And God is blessing them, not only with success but through spreading the Gospel. So beautiful.

    Before i knew about these guys and their story, not even hearing their voiced, i'd see Willies face and it makes me smile. He has a very charismatic look. His spirit physically shines through in his face.

    Thank you Willie! Keep crushing brother!

  3. Be a servant and people will follow you! I had amazing success in one of the world's largest companies, not by doing things the way they did, but he being a servant to all those whom I was to lead. Fix their isdues, make their jobs easier, be willing to put your neck out there for them and they will not only respect you and follow you, but they will love you. This is godly leadership.

  4. These Robertson folks ain't the meek they don't show any humbleness they think they will inherit,they need to give all there money away sell all they own then eat a humble pie then maybe a chance but not like they are.

  5. Revelation 18:23 (CJB)
    [23] the light of a lamp

    will never again shine in you,

    the voice of bridegroom and bride

    will never again be heard in you.

    “For your businessmen were the most powerful on earth,

    all the nations were deceived by your magic spell.

  6. This is a great message Willy!! And what’s really amazing is Phil was a fisherman and God took him from fishing just like he did with Peter and mad Phil and his whole family fisherman of men!! God is alive and is working on us all!! Praise God and to God be the glory!!

  7. Willy I've watched all kinds of your videos, (all viedos) … lucky you and your family to come up from poverty. I live and breathe poverty no chance of overcoming life! Yet, you peddle and flaunt your blessing in poor people's faces. Your own father , I pray would never allow you to walk your walk!. Who do you think you are kidding??? Please answer me as a GOD FEARING MAN!