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True contentment comes when we remember that we’re forgiven children of God because of what Jesus did for us. No matter our situation in life, we can be positive and content because, ultimately, that forgiveness is all that matters. Philippians 4:10-13

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  1. I was feeling down today after a meeting at work did not go according to my plan. Philippians 4:13 is my confirmation verse, but I've always wrestled with how to apply it. Thank you Pastor Jeske for bringing me back to God's promises. I don't have to freak out about all this temporal stuff. I have time. I can be content with the process. I can work faithfully wherever I'm at. I am empty, Lord please fill me up!

  2. Jesus bless the poor in spirits in the name of Jesus removeing stress thank you out of Miriamr life in the name Marcus c Robert g Sam d Sam d Sam d Maria m George m Sandra r Felix r Gilbert r removeing all problems all eras all depressions all pains from wisdoms removeing all pains from hearts removeing all types of pains from miriamr and everyone soul removeing cheaters hatress stumbles from evil from harms removeing beatens out of your live removeing stones from heads from beatens from sports from of foot balls of baseballs from Windows from all cases of courts from all satanic raptures from all misery's from all maps of grease sexuals from invisibles spirits from fairy tails from mouse spirits from rats spirits from birth of animals from mountains of lies from all conflicts from all embarrassed prayers of other individuals from cruel of prayers from all baterials from all pricents deliverences now in the name of Jesus deliverences on all breaking the chaines breaking all chaines of poority out of this life be healthy be bless be rich be multiple bless poor bless rich bless you God bless you bless the food bless Jesus break it remove all sickness Jesus remove sickness Jesus remove everything that's not of you Jesus bless you jjesus remove enginer Jesus remove death and sorrows from all of us in the name of Jesus thank you for this prayers

  3. All well and good, but words/faith do not feed a body nor put a roof over a head. In the literal sense. Starving to death and being homeless and sick is a real tangible,daily thing. Sorry, but it doesn't work for me anymore. I truly wish it would. Have a good year…