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Jimmy Evans tells how to become one sexually, emotionally, and spiritually.

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Since 1994, MarriageToday has used every medium at its disposal to strengthen families and marriages through its diverse ministry outreaches. There is a fierce battle being fought for marriage in America right now, but we can win it. We want to raise the standard. We want to give people help and hope to succeed in marriage.

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About The Author

MarriageToday Since founding MarriageToday in 1994, Jimmy Evans and his wife Karen have encouraged and coached thousands of couples toward building rewarding marriages and healthy homes. MarriageToday. Jimmy and Karen know firsthand that no marriage is beyond hope. Their own marriage almost ended in divorce, but applying the principles they now teach saved their relationship. After 35 years together, they understand every couple has a 100% chance of success in marriage.

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  1. I don't think the romantic type of love is special. And I am started to think that the romantic type of love isn't real. I mean about more than half of romantic couples either break up with each other or divorce each other, while most platonic best friends remain friends until death.

    Also, most people are pretty much comfortable enough to be naked around someone and have sex with someone that they have no romantic feelings towards. So sex isn't really a thing about romance.

    I think that having a platonic best friend is a lot better than having a romantic partner or spouse is. Having someone who's like a sibling to you is a lot better than having a romantic partner is. Also, you would more likely be much closer to a person who's like a brother or sister to you than you would be with a partner or spouse.

    People tend to fight with their partner or spouse a lot more than they do with a platonic best friend, and you never fight with your best friend the way you fight with your partner or spouse. Partners and spouses are just temporary. If you break up or divorce them, it's hard to go back to them. With your platonic best friend, you're going to make things work, because they are your best friend, they are your go to partner. It's always easier to make amends with them than it is with a romantic partner or spouse.