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Have you ever wondered if it was a mistake to marry your spouse? How do you respond when you are tempted to turn your heart away and sin? Discover the real enemy who wants to destroy your marriage.

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About The Author

MarriageToday Since founding MarriageToday in 1994, Jimmy Evans and his wife Karen have encouraged and coached thousands of couples toward building rewarding marriages and healthy homes. MarriageToday. Jimmy and Karen know firsthand that no marriage is beyond hope. Their own marriage almost ended in divorce, but applying the principles they now teach saved their relationship. After 35 years together, they understand every couple has a 100% chance of success in marriage.

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  1. I grew up in church watching people marrying the wrong people for the wrong reasons… than you need people like Jimmy trying to fix something that started wrong. The source of the problem is that churches put inexperiente and immature youth pastor over youth groups like if they were Guinea pigs. You go to those churches and all you see is Hollywood talking. They worship musical groups, and Hollywood values.

  2. God so loved the world that he sent his son to suffer for the sins he let us or made us commit, rather than coming himself. And his love and judgment and forgiveness is the true standard, as a being who can never be harmed any other way than emotionally or made to raise a kid that isn’t his as we are all his children.

  3. She my grandmother was hit by stroke and she was rough on my grandfather I remember her telling me I’m her stroke condition “agape, agape” being Greek I knew that means the purest love, which brings peace and calmness. I always think of that especially now during times of tribulation

  4. The more I listen to Mr. Evans the more the truth he speaks of God just comes out. His sermons on marriage are by far the best and set the standard. I am on the last legs of my marriage as my wife will not even communicate with me but I still pray she will open up her closed mind and heart and just listen to this man and his message from God. I pray for all people in marriage who are going through this most difficult time.

    Bless Mr. Evans and his wife and his heartfelt message. Bless everyone who are going through hell right now trying to save their marriage. Please pray for my wife and I to save our marriage….

  5. I'm going through a difficult time in my marriage , I feel like I'm the only one who is giving and showing compassion , I feel neglected , I'm hurt , plz pray for me , my husband has so much tempter and anger , he was never this way , he is hasty and I pray for him every day

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