Master’s Seminary | – Issues in Biblical Anthropology – Owen Strachan – Lecture 01

With the rise of the Death of God theology and hyper-spiritualization in western thinking, mankind is no longer seen as the image of God. Listen as Dr. Strachan walks through five prevalent views on humanity and a sixth, biblical view on the image of God.

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The Master's Seminary The Master's Seminary. These are courses taught at The Master's Seminary in Sun Valley, California. - They are taped live during the school year and exist to better educate those who seek to understand and worship the God of the Bible. Joshua Crooch Director for Academic Media The Master's Seminary

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  1. What a blessing! I will be watching these and learning a lot I pray. Thank you for posting. I pray for The Master’s Seminary every day. I pray that God would raise up an army of faithful expositors for the good of His church and the glory of His name!

  2. This is a very timely course. Thank you TMS and Dr. Strachan for making this available. Recently, I've read and listen much on CRT, pro and con, and how it is infecting American Evangelical thinking. How we need a course like this. As Dr. Strachan pointed out (I heard echoes of Schaeffer and VanTil no doubt), that once man declared "God is dead", man himself, as man, died.

  3. Calvinists cannot say they have any loved ones in their families who are deemed not elect.
    If they did, they would be loving someone their god hates!
    It would go against their god who can't wait to glorify himself with their destruction and torture in hell forever.

    "God arranges all things by his sovereign counsel, in such a way that individuals are born, who are doomed from the womb to certain death and are to glorify him by their destruction."( John Calvin Institutes of Christian Religion, Book 3, Chapter 23, Paragraph 6)

    Their god is a twisted demon's love ! Satans kind of love, is to know that he himself is doomed and he wants to take down every human he can with him.

    The reason Satan is so interested in promoting Calvinism is that he can destroy that which the real God loves. Every human being He was wonderfully made.

    Run before the brain washing from these false teachers is complete and then it will be too late.

    The John Calvin glasses will be un-removable and you will not even be able to read truth anymore.
    It will look like a different language to you, as I am sure many on this site many will say about what I have posted.



  4. I loved RC Sproul's lectures. I used to say I am RC student and learning without going to a seminary. Now I got a new teacher to learn from. Thank you for posting it. I am so grateful that the Lord has given His Church a very young and courageous theologian in brother Owen