Master’s Seminary | – John MacArthur Introduces Hymns of Grace

John MacArthur talks about the first publication of The Master’s Seminary Press – Hymns of Grace. The hymnal can be purchased directly from [support us]. Volume discounts are available.

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The Master's Seminary The Master's Seminary. These are courses taught at The Master's Seminary in Sun Valley, California. - They are taped live during the school year and exist to better educate those who seek to understand and worship the God of the Bible. Joshua Crooch Director for Academic Media The Master's Seminary

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  1. Glory to our Mister and gratitude that gave such model church presently! Special gratitude, for service and influence of the pastor John MaсArthur! I pray for him… It is very valuable that directly he represents musical service, and treats seriously this type of worship. God granted special talent to the arranger Mark Rice, it is just unsurpassed taste, our Propitiator is worthy! Here what anthems should be used for service! Yes the Lord will bless them and farther to be light for the world and an example for churches, attendants and Christians worldwide.

  2. This is awesome! I started a YT channel to sing and bring hymns back for this very reason. I got a little discouraged but after watching this i am so encouraged to continue what i started. Thank you Pastor MacArthur! Also i have received my Hymnal from you as well and love it!

  3. The profound old hymns are what one will sing when lying in a sickbed during the darkest of night. There is no substance in the repetitive, atonal ramblings of the modern supplanters, and one discovers their shallow nothingness very quickly.

  4. I encourage this idea. There is a great wealth of music that is all but ignored now, to our great loss. A suggestion, albeit three years after this video was released [they won't see it, I know], but when sitting down, undo the jacket buttons; it looks weird being done up. And never have more than one button done up, sitting or standing.