Master’s Seminary | – John MacArthur Q&A TMS Chapel 12 06 16

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  1. I skipped ahead and got to the part about where he said if the Lord said to go to Africa, he'd do it. How is that idea consistent with all this stuff he's been talking about the 'sufficiency of scripture' not allowing for the functioning of some of the gifts that the Bible teaches us about.

  2. With all due respect, JM took a very hard stance on students using the excuse of a wife having a baby for being late with an assignment then when asked about time management discusses the priority of family. If a pastor missed a Sunday message because his wife had a baby, I would respect him all the more for being with her! The congregation will be just fine without a message one Sunday. Legalism or pride Vs grace when life causes a disruption? This is a classic contradiction with JM if you have listened to him a lot. JM admits that in his early days of ministry at GCC there was little "grace"…thus admitting failure in ministry, yet getting good grades in seminary. If you want to know John, listen to all the Q&A's offered over the years because he offers little to nothing in sermons about himself. That said, I have tremendous respect for his consistency and endurance. Nobody will ever accuse JM of being a spiritual coward. His view of counseling is very narrow which concerns me.

  3. The secret with time management in my opinion is this: show up on time for everything, and deliver whatever you have when the deadline comes. Especially as you get older, your time is paradoxically the same but goes by much faster – but just being there and dependable makres all the difference. Don't commit to more things than you can do. Prioritise and delegate when possible. Now I just need to follow my own advice more often! 🙂

  4. Seminary training is one of the biggest attacks on the scriptures, the Gospel and truth. Who needs seminary? One MIST be called to service as a minister. For many today, it is a paying job. A job! A man is pressured if he has to preach to the same people three times or more. What nonsense! The scriptures are replete with topics to chose from. Just preach the WORD.! Stop giving all your opinions. They are worthless. Things like this is attempting to kill church. Church is not a building, it’s saints as a collective.

  5. I cannot express just how refreshing, stimulating, and ENCOURAGING it is to hear someone preach & teach that BIBLICAL TRUTH is the TOP PRIORITY in Christianity & in the church! WHERE are all the OTHER pastors like you, John???