Master’s Seminary | – John MacArthur – The Importance of Choosing the Right Seminary

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The Master's Seminary The Master's Seminary. These are courses taught at The Master's Seminary in Sun Valley, California. - They are taped live during the school year and exist to better educate those who seek to understand and worship the God of the Bible. Joshua Crooch Director for Academic Media The Master's Seminary

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  1. All that matters is Dispensationalism as Christianity is being destroyed at this point. it's something to take very seriously because irreconcilable divisions are forming. A new sort of paganistic 'Blood Moon Christianity' is taking place where myths and the creation itself is worshiped. Land, politics, and idolatry is at its core. Dispensationalism is the 'ground zero' of all this and it's a crisis at this point.

  2. Pastor John – I have a question. Can someone go through seminary without the intention of becoming a pastor? Obviously I'm a girl, but I am so desperate to learn more of scripture, and I have such a hunger to study and read, but I do not wish to lead in church or become a pastor. What should I do? Should I just go to a theology school? Please help!!

  3. go to your seminary to learn the pre-trib rapture lie…and also eternal conscience suffering in hell….you are teaching lies….Darby, Moody and Scofield….teach from God's Word and His Scripture NOT from man's interpretation of it….God is always right and man is not….