Master’s Seminary | – Lecture 08: The Reformation – Dr. Carl Trueman

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  1. I think Dr. Trueman is correct regarding Roman Catholics, NOT the Roman Catholic Church, providing the best defenses for various ethical issues in a more secular or civil based discourse. Their church is too confusing and purposefully ambiguous at times, but their distinctive thinkers like Robert George are not. Behind them, it is probably the non-Reformed evangelicals of the sort with a high view of Aquinas, like some associated with Biola. After them, the only Reformed I have in mind are those that have a place for natural law, as exemplified in some theologians at Westminster Seminary in CA, like David Van Drunen; Van Drunen has a short book titled A Biblical Case for Natural Law.

    One of the surprising things, like when it comes to the issue of surrogacy that Trueman brings up, I've never heard a Protestant minister bring this up, and I'm Protestant. I've heard Roman Catholic priests and laity comment on it, and I'm not looking for their opinions; I accidentally came across them, like when flipping through EWTN. I think this is indicative of the greater frequency with which Roman Catholics think about these things.

    It is not the evangelicals, like the kind where he is doing this teaching, that are that helpful in this regard. Sure, if it comes to expositing what the Scriptures say, they can be helpful, but not when it comes to providing Christians with arguments in a civil discourse. When it comes to a robust case that has potency in the public square, you must be able to argue from positions that do not directly and necessarily require the Scriptures, while not contradicting them either. I don't think that way of thinking is even possible for many.

  2. Everything that shapes theology and ethics in right manner is Love towards God. Nothing more, nothing less. Because love infused through regeneration delights in true, and hates everything that is negatively affects object of his love which is God itself. So good test for everybody claiming to be Christian is this: Is God Father, God Son and God Holy Spirit, Person that I love like nobody else? If yes, than this will be guiding principle for both theology and ethics.

  3. Dr. Carl Trueman's lecture on ethics is so good. What Dr.Martin Luther faced in 1520s about ethics ,we still face today. It is like trying to get win-win answer to it. So delicate because it is very complicated. Without loosing the faith in law one has to decide. Thank you .