Master’s Seminary | – Paul Washer "A Living and Holy Sacrifice" Romans 12:1-2

“A Living and Holy Sacrifice”
Romans 12:1-2
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  1. So many times my soul was seeking for a preacher to preach the real word of God
    but now I know in my heart Paul W you are the true sent by God to open my eyes ears and may God bless you brother

  2. The essence of Paul Washer's teaching: You are saved by faith in Christ, determining to make Him your Lord in the way you live (a WORK), feeling really bad for all the bad things you've done (a WORK), not living like the world (a WORK), and determining to try really really hard to not sin so much (a WORK), or at least feel really bad when you do sin (a WORK), and pray and tell God you're sorry (a WORK).

  3. I love Paul to come to nz and preach to my church . I love to hear him preaching the word of our Lord . The truth will set you free .It is very true what he preach about others preachers in his church. love you Paul and May our good Lord bless your preaching.

  4. Get threatened of punishment so you can obey. Turn or burn. Not so sure about this preacher yet. Always sounds like works gospel. You do know there are many people other religions that live pious and pure and do not know Christ.

  5. Another great sermon and good wholesome food for the believer – and recommended also for those not yet transformed by the renewing of their minds, heart and soul… have probably heard this before (perhaps) with a different title, but one can never get too much of these truths.
    Thank you LORD for such capable men as our brother Paul for preaching and teaching what is genuinely necessary to be reminded of in this world with all of its worldly distractions and temptations around every corner – yet we live in a blessed time having access to this material, and also to the LORD of LORD's and the KING of KING's

  6. Excuse me. Jesus loves you very much.
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  7. I love how Romans 12:1-2 speaks to all, including men going to seminary. It is truly a call to a life that goes beyond the words on the page, to a life lived which brings the love of Christ to family, to community, to the local church and to the world. For all sons and daughters of God, don't just rejoice in the fact that you can recite Scripture, but that you can live Scripture, and love like Christ loved!

  8. Normally I think of Paul as a bit on the legalistic side – I like him but with my background of being raised a Catholic (very works based) I tend to intentionally pass over Paul’s messages – but I was trying to have a more in-depth understanding of Romans 12:1 so I watched – and I see that he is very passionate about serving God with integrity. Good message.

  9. Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus Christ!
    I love too heart about the truth from Pastor Paul Washes. Because we know the truth, the truth set as free! Jesus Christ is the truth, his words is the truth!
    Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Amen!

  10. I don't have words enuf to thank God for you Paul Washer…. May God protect you more and add the years off your life so we can live more with the truth that you preach in the Word of God bringing it to our knowledge and Christ at preference and the generation to come

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