Master’s Seminary | – Paul Washer "On Prayer" Matthew 6:9-11

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  1. This one of the best messages on prayer I have ever heard in my many years as a Christian. Paul Washer makes almost all contemporary evangelical preachers seem lukewarm. I appreciate his passion for God and His Word. What he says is true. You can be an honor graduate of Masters Seminary and still have no power in your preaching if you are not a man of prayer. In the end, Jesus is not only all we need, He is also all we have.

  2. "Boldness and Reverence go hand in hand". Fantastic.

    "There is more to preaching that your intellect" or being correct. Wow. It's always a reminder that the Pharisees knew the law, and the Sadducees knew the Old Testament correctly. And yet there was no relationship.

  3. you amaze me each time I listen to your sermons an I know it's because of your great love for God that he bless you to carry out his word to starving people like me I am bless by God through you thank you Paul Washer may God always keeps his hands on you and your family

  4. As I am trying to improve on my prayer life so as to draw closer to God, I am following your teachings and after the first night of hearing you speak I experienced God's favor in less than 24 hours. Keep on bringing the truth. God bless you.

  5. THANK YOU soooi much for saying what you said about prayer specifically when you hear people pray in tongues and it sounds exactly like the pastor or when they pray in English.
    I noticed this in a charismatic church I attended once and when I brought it to the pastors attention it seemed like the pastor was offended by my observation.
    There's NO way that your tongue should sound like the pastors unless that's the Only time you pray. In church once a week.

  6. I have been to many churches and tried to talk to Pasters about the effects of the Holy Spirit on me,but no one even knows what I'm talking about.Even the church where alot of people spoke in tongues they where too infatuated with their own mysteries to try to understand .They all wanted me to take counciling lol…Paul and this blog validates me.THANK YOU….BLESSING.

  7. I have been moved lately to pray more then I would do it and say forgive me Lord I didn't do it first thing in the morning. Then I started doing it first thing in the morning and said forgive me Lord for not doing it before I eat breakfast oh, and then I would do it in the morning before I eat breakfast and say forgive me Lord for not getting on my knees and that's where I was this morning and then I heard this. Now I know God is moving in my life thank you Jesus.

  8. I LOVED his message on prayer, and recall him reading someone; "I need the Holy Spirit, as like air". God has been speaking to me, in that way also. I also loved his courage, in speaking to people who were clearly Reformed, people with awesome and solid doctrine; telling them that they MUST also seek the Holy Spirit, His power and His baptism with FIRE!

  9. The Masters Seminary???? Seminary is man taught!!! Man didnt teach the disciples,Jesus did!!! Jesus is the only Master!!! And Jesus is the only real Teacher and always has been,even today My Sheep hear my voice!!!!!! Jesus does not live in Temples made by man!!!

  10. Paul Washer is a lost man and the reason why he is lost is because he is self-deceived and deceiving others never learning what the good news ever was this man is going to end up in hell when he dies there's so many men who do not understand the gospel and they end up in hell and if all you people end up in hell with Paul Washer it's because you followed after man and you didn't read your Bible if you would have read your Bible and pray to God to ask you for the understanding he would have freely given you the understanding but because you follow after Paul Washer and what he says you will end up in the pit of Hell