Master’s Seminary | – TMS Chapel | Dr. Sinclair Ferguson | January 14th, 2020

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The Master's Seminary The Master's Seminary. These are courses taught at The Master's Seminary in Sun Valley, California. - They are taped live during the school year and exist to better educate those who seek to understand and worship the God of the Bible. Joshua Crooch Director for Academic Media The Master's Seminary

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  1. JFM JR, andJames Montgomery Boice were my biggest help in my early days after coming to Christ. Later, I was introduced to Dr. Ferguson's books and then listening to him at Ligonier Conferences. I was then afforded the opportunity to attend the church that he pastored in South Carolina. For seven years I was fed the Word of God three or four times a week. Dr. Ferguson is a preacher of the highest ranking. He transformed the way prayer meetings were conducted. Most importantly, he is the quintessential example of a Godly man. He walks what he talks providing an example to the flock. His departure from South Carolina in 2013 was a great loss for the congregation. I have 18 GB of his sermons and I continue to listen to them. He is also a master Theologian.

  2. What a great message of practical application when we are faced down by sin's temptation. I love the quotes also like John Bunyan's which cuts to the heart of the matter. We all need reminders of sin's consequences because emotions and feelings can be ever so loud. Thank you Dr. Ferguson.