Matt Sorger | – Prayer for Healing

Matt Sorger walked into the TV studio and was met with an anointing to pray for those with serious illnesses. Share this video with those you feel need a touch from God.

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Comment (45)

  1. i'm asking for prayer I was detected with a cancerous tumor growing inside my left kidney well on Monday November 25th/2019 I will be going to Moffitt Cancer Center for mri's **xrays and more im praying for a miracle in Jesus Name.

  2. Problem right feet, often migrain, scoliose,probelm neck/backbone,rheumatism..Need Healing.Need better economy. Thank you God. Oldest brother die for over 6 years ago,mum die 3month before him.Dad die for over 22 years ago.Thank you God for protect me and middle brother and our dog.

  3. Praise the Lord, Thank you Jesus,Praise you Jesus. My Lord, please heal Eunice Adams who is suffering from Spinal canal Stenosis and in severe distress.Please do miracles in William's family.Thank you Holy Trinity ,Thank you Holy Spirit,( Australia, Melbourne, VIC).

  4. Dear respective Pastors, Evangelist, Ministers, brothers and sisters in Christ, thank you for your time for reading this, I apologise if I’m spamming too much, but I’m desperate and genuine. Please do share it if you dont mind, God bless you all, My name is Jonathan Tan. I’m a 24 years old Chinese teenage boy from Malaysia. A Second Generation Christian. I was born with a Rare, severe Dry skin disorder diagnosed as #ICHTHYOSIS. I had it since birth (1996) and now im 24 (2020). It affected me from Head to Toe. Constantly uncomfortable physically, mentally and emotionally. Struggles with social life and being in public. Dry, flaking, red and inflamed all the time. Tons of allergy and weaknesses. I have spent a fortune on cures, remedies, natural and medical, only to no avail. Been praying and prayed for countless times by Evangelist, Pastors, leaders, friends and family. I'm blessed with friends and family who truly cares or me and want me well, healthy, happy and normal. Whatever the cause is, whether its Genetics, Medical complication, generational curses or Spiritual Attack, God is Greater than ALL of these. I know He Loves me and still has a plan for me, Please help me. Pray for me and with me. Stand with me and Support me. Please feel free to share this. Email me at Thank you and God Bless.