Matt Sorger | – Prayer for Singles and Marriages

Matt Sorger gives an anointed prayer for those who have been single for awhile and desiring marriage.

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Comment (41)

  1. Oh Matt! That's so amazing how you met your wife in the jungle of Africa! I just love how Jesus brings people together. I love you and am blessed to of met you at Global Presence in November. God bless you and your fiancee! Happy for You. Praying for you during your weekend in Chicago coming up tomorrow!

  2. Matt I just want to thank you for this prayer every time I get discouraged I watch this video and regain my strength and know that I have to keep waiting and pursuing God and when I do that he will bring me my wife thank you so much for saying this prayer it keeps giving me strength every time I lose hope that I might not find someone and give me the courage to keep pushing forward and trusting God thank you.

  3. i've been praying for weddings awhile. . and i almost give up. . . my family turns me. .i feel deeply hurt by their behavior like not visit me on special day. .
    i always wanna kill myself because of unresonable fear. . i feel totally alone. . betrayed. . disoppointed. . miserable. . .please help me lord. . .or i will kill myself. .

  4. Here's the thing: you can be happy and content in God being single, but the way our culture is designed, even Church culture, at times you wonder if there's something wrong with you for it. Yes, I want to find my wife, yes, I am content being single (not 24/7, mind you) but the expectation is that young men will settle down and marry. It's a strange insecurity. Thank you for the impartation.

  5. I want to be happy and that i do want to get married. I am currently single Right now Matt sorger. I want to get married to the one that i love and that i want to spend the rest of my life with him.

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