Michael Todd | – Baby Faith // Crazy Faith (Part 2)

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  1. I have faith that I will become an actress, something I've always been thinking about for years but was always so afraid to pursue. I was overcome with tears when I asked God if that was my path during my talk with him and images of me when I used to practice in my room by myself flooded my brain… I will beat my Trichotillomania disorder! I've been fighting this disorder for years on years now, so hearing Pst Mike pray for his wife's eyebrows REALLY spoke to me lol. My family and I have been struggling with space with our now 7 member family in our 3 room apartment, that we've been living in for 10 years now. Our landlord wants to kick us out next month, but I BELIEVE God has already picked out with our new home. My brother will be healed and more and more blessings to come. I had such great faith but I started to doubt myself and God. Hearing this message will do wonders for me. I also believe that whatever I ordered weeks ago will arrive before I go on my vacation. I RECIEVE IT, LORD.

  2. Reading the Bible: It has changed my life, forever. By the grace of God He positioned me to start reading the bible in one year beginning in March 2020. After just one month my life began to change. I am no longer a slave to sin- no sex before marriage, recovering from an eating disorder and painfully but wonderfully finding who He has created me to be- from the beginning of time. Thank the Lord Almighty for my transformation and Transformation Church. I am a Mercy Miracle all by the grace of God. God bless <3

  3. 30:18 Wait a minute… this sounds like the name it and claim it gospel. What about the context of the quote? We can't have everything we ask for.

    Guys please make sure you open up your Bibles and read the context of everything.

  4. My youngest daughter is soo into your preachings she has continuously tagged me on ur videos you’re hip services have touched me due to being in my level of understanding and learning I’m a medication aide in this small town of Texas. I’m not rich but I want to not continue to hear the word but I want to contribute to Transformation Church

  5. i am listening to baby faith right now, yesterday i listened to crazy faith and it transformed me. yesterday i also wrote an assessment for an internship , i wrote same in 2018 and wasn't successful. but i am using my baby faith today and i pray and speak success into this first stage and till i successfully start the program. i believe God is able. Thank You JESUS!!!