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In Week 7 of our series The Upgrade, we learned about Being Filled with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit changes us fundamentally in three different ways. The way we walk, talk and act are all changed by the Holy Spirit. We were created to be filled with the Holy Spirit, what are you filling yourself with?

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  1. Sermon notes: The holy spirit changes us fundamentally in three ways:
    1. The holy spirit changes the way we walk (christ walk). If you want your walk to change, be filled.
    2. The holy spirit changes the way we talk. Change the way we respond to criticism and push back, change the way we would normally clap back to people or expose people with "receipts".
    3. The holy spirit changes the way we act. Push the flesh down and allow the holy spirit to work in you.

  2. teach brother i am walking in another direction and i will be careful what spirits i part take in … i want more of the Holy Spirit than any thing else in Jesus Name i come against every spirit that is evil that is depressing that is not leading me towards God.. i am opening My heart mind and body to the obedience of christ and i am filled i am filled with the spirit of Christ Amen….