Michael Todd | – Before The Person :: Relationship Goals (Part 1)

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  1. https://youtu.be/Pl5FHYy_FIE

    The Truth is not imaginary; it is fulfilled on earth in reality. Jesus promised to send the Another Helper almost 2,000 years ago. Now, the Another Helper has come as a person in reality, and is helping us to understand the perfect Truth by interpreting spiritual thoughts with spiritual words to understand God's will. Thus, not accepting the Truth and blaspheming the Spirit of Truth will not be forgiven either in this world or in the world to come(Luke 12:10).

  2. I can remember praying before I met my gf "God do not put any female in my life unless she is to be my wife" I was sitting in my room everyday praying for a female, going on dates getting treated like trash not realizing the prayer I prayed 2 years ago. It was until God blessed me with her that I was reminded the prayer. And I knew God sent me her. And it's the best thing I've never been loved like this before!

  3. Pastor. I am a very sinful yet crying christian who runs to God every time I mess up. I am not perfect nor will ever be, but after I went through an extremely difficult divorce, its been almost 3 years I an single, I promise God I wouldn't date unless He shows me the way. I met a JW online because she said my testimony impacted her and after few moths we both fell for each other. We both understand our different beliefs yet we stop talking for few months because of our beliefs. I told her I have a relationship with Jesus and she doesn't believe in Jesus and that caused us to fall apart for few months. Now here I am again talking to her, she said she prayed to Jehova about us and she keeps praying that Jehova guides her to make the right choice. I pray and fast to Jesus for Him to help me understand if she is for me or not. She is everything I prayed and fasted for, the type of woman I have prayed for the last 3 years and she says I am what she has been praying for even when we don't know each other that well. I keep praying about it but I want to seek counseling from people who have a greater relationship with Jesus. I want to do this the right way and honor Jesus with my marriage but I don't understand why I met someone with different belief system yet it matches everything I prayed and fast for the last 3 years and vice versa for her. I need help before I go deeper with her, we don't have sex or spend time alone where temptation might come in because I am waiting for marriage and so is she. Can you give me some advice??

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  5. I just need encouragement because lately I’ve been wanting to ditch this whole idea of a Godly relationship because a) I’m tired of being single & b) I see so many people who don’t necessarily have God or faith in their relationship and they’re doing just fine they look happy and I have so many guys after me but I’m still so single because the faith aspect keeps me single but if I just ditch that I could have a boyfriend today. Ugh. The enemy is fighting a battle in my mind rn and I needed to rewatch these and ask for prayer

  6. Thanks Mike… You were tremendously used by God to bring a message I will deliver to the youth in my church who does not speak English. All credit will be yours but all honor and glory will be for our Lord Jehova de los ejércitos!

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