Michael Todd | – Capital C Sunday // Change Starts in The Church // Devastation 2 Restoration

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1:00 Vision Statement
7:15 Devastation is NEVER a Destination
12:53 Devastation is ALWAYS an Invitation
15:40 Don’t put a period where God put a comma
16:34 Don’t leave your devastation without a REVELATION
18:10 2 Chronicles Chapter 7 Verse 14
18:50 REVELATION always starts with TRANSFORMATION- needs to b added in post
24:10 We serve a God of REPARATIONS
24:47 Reparations Definition
25:10 Joel Chapter 2 Verse 25
27:08 2 Corinthians Chapter 5 Verses 18 and 19 point needs added
29:45 The hand that tears it down is usually NOT the hand that builds it up
49:08 Isaiah Chapter 61 Verses 1 through 9 needs added

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Transformation Church Representing God to the Lost and Found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael and Natalie Todd, based in Tulsa, OK. Transformation Church For more information, visit us at https://transformchurch.us

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  1. Seeing this tonight has given me hope that my season of devastation is not my destination. It may seem tough now, but God out a comma there no a punctuation. Please continue to pray for me as I fight this battle in belief in the destination. Thank God for always loving me and never leaving me on my own! I love you Jesus!

  2. I thank the lord for examples like this Earlier this year the lord asked me to give away all worldly pleasures I had games shoes etc I gave over 7 thousand dollars worth of stuff I owned away but I wanted God to know he has my heart this year has been hard But God has given me grace and strength I thank God for examples like this

  3. What a Word! Pastor Mike (Nehemiah: -), keep building that wall! I stand in agreement with you, that this spirit of generosity is catching on globally and that the wisdom, integrity, vision and tenacity of God will follow the money. I pray for supernatural insight for all recipients. I declare that they won't be like the fool and his money, which soon depart. In Jesus Name!