Michael Todd | – F.O.M.O. // Crazy Faith (Part 10)

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  1. yes revelations says the fearful were first in line to enter hell- anything not of faith is sin- obviously we wont go to hell for that if we born again but the fearful is who god took so seriously as such a bad sin, and adulterers and sexual immoral were onyl next after in line! u cant reign and operate in spirit if u full of fear. being full of fear is not trusting god

  2. obedience and god says what his will is that we must obey- to receive his son . obedient unto his will- his will is that all receve his son- what is perfect will of god that all are obedient and receive his son this is the perfect will of god

  3. The Follow Orders and Maintain Obedience kind of reminds me of something Beyoncé said when rehearsing for coachella: “Until I see some of my notes applied, it doesn’t make sense for me to make more of them.”

  4. This message spoke to me from the first sentence. I wrestle and beat myself up with FOMO each and every day. Overwhelmed by the belief that my time to be successful is passing me by. Please pray for me to be still and not do everything on my own

  5. This really changed me. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Everyday is Sunday for me and I know that if we treat everyday as a day to spend time with God then we can never be shaken by the devil, but our faith will just keep increasing. Pastor Mike is truly a blessing to a lot of us and I just want to thank God for him because almost everything that he says I relate to and the crazy thing is that he has positioned these Sermons in a way that every single one relates to what I'm going through on all of the moments that I watch it. WOW PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!

  6. Lord i repent to you today…i was hasty and hurried for my promise that i ignored you…my heart is heavy and i need you..i know you will prosper me in 1000’s..my father is good..i recieve your blessings fully..

  7. Oh Lord is God. This message continues to bless me. I've just been accepted in med school in and the Lord chose (only) me from my country; and have just started dating as well. Its been much. A lot of messing my priorities but God has continued blessing me and I kept on lying to myself that maybe he understood or it wasn't that bad. Well, my marks were saying something else. I've been fumbling over the one opportunity I've always wanted. But because of God's grace. No one can ever be too late for repenting. I am fixing my priorities. No new word has come on how to do this with all these new opportunities in my life. I'm just gonna take God at His last word. Its God, my purpose(excelling in med school), my family, and friends. God is the center of all this. I will go back to the basics – not checking my phone before my morning prayer and no sleep before a verse or 2 and prayer, talking to God always during the day wherever I am.