Michael Todd | – Hasty Faith // Crazy Faith (Part 9)

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  1. I don’t know how these wolves get away with what they are teaching.

    There is no such thing as hasty faith.

    You people need to actually study what faith is. These guys have not a clue what it is.

  2. This part of the sermon: Hasty Faith was for me. I definitely felt called out but hey I needed it. I always rush things without thinking clearly of God's opinion and like Pastor Mike said, a clear sign of hasty faith is you're doing it for yourself. Sometimes I'm always thinking of myself when I should be thinking of others based on how they may feel about certain things or situations. I definitely needed this.

  3. I thank GOD soooooo much for pastor Todd's preaching. I give God glory for his life and pray God continues to use him for His glory!!!
    My question is what do you do when you've made hasty moves and your stuck? I've prayed and repented what's the next move?

  4. I'm confused, how do we know if it's the devil keeping us from something, so then we know we need to fight, or if it is God, and we need to obey and wait on Him? Does God not want us to work hard, and push out of our comfort zones when needed? This sermon was very confusing for me.

  5. I am so happy this part was included in the series! "Hasty Faith" is something I was lowkey struggling with…I would hear something from God and RUN WITH IT FULL FORCE, then wonder why things weren't working out. Problem is: I started making my own plans and trying to figure things out in an attempt to rush God's plan. Now, I'll depend on him more, pull out my Bible more, and seek his guidance. I yield to his timing!