Michael Todd | – Hazy Faith // Crazy Faith (Part 6) (Pastor Jeremy Foster)

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  1. My goodness Pastor Jeremy literally read me ! I am so frustrated with my life . I don’t want to do. I’m comfortable with my career on what I am currently at, I’m frustrated with my living situation. I just cannot wait until I get out this funk.

  2. Wowww in the beginning I was like “ion know bout this one” then i finished this episode and let me tell you it’s by far one of the BEST Crazy Faith series I’ve watched. Keep it goingggg

  3. Today is Thursday, July 2, 2020 and I've been watching this series daily – so part 6 is my 6th day. God has literally put me in a position physically for me to relate and receive these messages and I know on the 20th day (July 16th), there will be a major shift in my life. The Holy Spirit put it in my heart to document EVERYTHING and when this shift happens, release the footage for the world to see the miracles He does. To be completely, transparently honest, I didn't want to record anything. I'm in my most vulnerable moment of my life and the last thing I want to do is to pick up a camera, but the Lord already revealed that others will be blessed through my faith. For some of you all who are reading this and think this "Christianese" language is cute – but can't seem to truly have faith in the Lord, seeing is believing and I pray that God will show you miracles and allow them to build your faith in Him.