Michael Todd | – Help I’m Hoarding // What Are You Holding On To? // Help, I’m Hurting // Amberly Bell

In the third week of our series, Help I’m Hurting, we heard a powerful message from our very own Pastor Amberly Bell. Are you holding onto things you need to let go of? Today we learned that God can’t heal what you won’t reveal. If you feel like you are hoarding in your life, this message is for you. Check out this message and share it with someone in your life who needs to hear it!

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0:00 – Welcome
14:15 – FEAR forces you to HOLD ON
16:55 – Matthew Chapter 25 Verses 14 through 30
29:10 – HOARDING hinders OBEDIENCE
32:35 – Ecclesiastes chapter 4 verse 9 through 12
39:33 – To stop hoarding, forget WHAT IF and focus on WHAT IS
47:52 – R. I. S. [support us] /> 47:58 – RELEASE
49:00 – IDENTIFY
51:52 – KNOW

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  1. To some reason this message brought tears to my eyes. I mean there never a time i see myself like this. I believe in God and i love jesus with all my heart but now i see that i haven't really put him as lord over somethings in my life. I know i need help but i just didnt know on what. But now i know somehow that am hurt and i just hold it down some how. Thanks for being gods voice because now my healing will beging because i will make a risk. Note i am not a risk taker… lord guide me.

  2. Thank you for giving me the courage to tell God I’m taking the risk to do something I have not quite yet perfected, but I’m passionate enough about the dream to not reject it. Thank you and may God bless all of you.

  3. Pr. Amberley, you preached an amazing, soul heart healing message. I balled each time you said, “I see you”; and when you said “I’m so sorry”. Wow!!! Cleansing tears just poured down my face! Thank you for accepting this task! You did that!!!!

  4. im taking the Risk, I'm ready for the next season!
    thank you …transformation church for changing my life! Seriously, your people, your teachings, your clarity to help me see things in a better light has been mind blowing, heart changing, and transforming!